Report Name Published Report Download
Forest Industry Applications of UAV’s24/07/2017GCFF TN-018GCFF-TN018.pdf (1.43 Mb)
Progress to date and future plans for the development of the Forest Investment Framework (FIF)21/07/2017GCFF FN013
Mapping, Measuring and Mitigating Erosion and Debris Flows21/07/2017GCFF FN011
Berwick FR127 end of rotation sampling update21/07/2017GCFF FN010
eCambium Workshop 16 October 201321/07/2017GCFF FN001
GCFF TST Meeting – 27 July 201720/07/2017GCFF 2016-17 Q4
Forest Biosecurity Meeting Papers – 27 July 201720/07/20172017-17 Q4
Forest Biosecurity Meeting Papers – 1 May 201720/07/20172016-17 Q3
SWP 2016-17 Q4 Meeting Paper17/07/2017SWP 2016-17 Q4
Scion Core: Improved Biological Control of Paropsis charybdis, core funded aligned research on insects and fungi on species other than radiata pine11/07/2017SWP-FN034
Scion Core Funded Framing Durability Trials11/07/2017SWP-FN033
Crossing C. macrocarpa clones to create a new breeding population11/07/2017SWP-FN032
Cypress breeding – towards the establishment of a third-generation Cupressus lusitanica population11/07/2017SWP-FN031
Set cuttings for a 2017 cypress hybrid clonal trial11/07/2017SWP-FN030
Genetic resources of Southland Eucalyptus nitenss11/07/2017SWP-FN029
Raising plants for a Douglas-fir progeny trial to be established in 201811/07/2017SWP-FN028
Inspection of Douglas-fir Plus trees FR280 Golden Downs11/07/2017SWP-FN027
Modelling Douglas-fir Productivity with the Process-based model 3-PG11/07/2017SWP-FN026
Survival counts of clones in Long Mile Douglas-fir breeding archive and grafting for the preservation of genetic resources11/07/2017SWP-FN025
Assessment of E. globoidea Breeding Population at Juken NZ Ltd’s Ngaumu forest11/07/2017SWP-FN024
JNL Ngaumu (site 69) 2012 E. bosistoana breeding population first assessment11/07/2017SWP-FN023
E.bosistoana Breeding Population Wood Sampling Cravens and Martins11/07/2017SWP-FN022
Tree-level phenotyping extension: The use of spatial and spectral data to augment LiDAR for phenotyping individual trees21/06/2017GCFF FN012
Reconstructing parentage in Pinus radiata – proof of concept in FR10: Update on progress to date21/06/2017GCFF FN009
E.bosistoana Breeding Population Wood Sampling Cravens21/06/2017SWP-FN022
Extraction of Fine Chemicals21/06/2017SWP-WP023
Research aligned with insects and fungi on species other than radiata pine21/06/2017SWP-WP022
Growing diversity: improving growth models for less common species and forest types for ETS carbon look-up tables21/06/2017SWP-WP021
Support for SFF Paropsis biocontrol20/06/2017SWP-WP036
Oregon State University Students assessment of D.fir progeny trials20/06/2017SWP-WP035
Grafting for preserving breeding archive material in Douglas-fir20/06/2017SWP-WP031
Planting Cupressus lusitanica progeny trials20/06/2017SWP-WP030
Site-species Matching for Durable Eucalypts20/06/2017SWP-WP029
Calibration of NIR for extractive content in E. globoidea heartwood20/06/2017SWP-WP028
Natural durability: Correlation between extractive content and fungal assay20/06/2017SWP-WP027
Bioactivity of heartwood compounds20/06/2017SWP-WP026
NZDFI Durable Eucalypt Tree Improvement Operational Plan 2017-1820/06/2017SWP-WP025
Insect Pest Management Durable Eucalypts20/06/2017SWP-WP024
PFV Wire Rope20/06/2017TN-V4-1web_TN-V4-1.pdf (256.67 Kb)
Examining the potential uses for biuret in New Zealand forestry17/06/2017GCFF TN-016GCFF-TN016.pdf (1.07 Mb)
The Accelerator Trial series – underlying concepts and progress at the first trial site17/06/2017GCFF TN-015GCFF-TN015.pdf (1.22 Mb)
14/06/2017V-16-12web_REP-V16-12-1991-1.pdf (1.18 Mb)
Wire Rope End Connectors for Winch-assisted Machines11/06/2017HTN09-05HTN09-05.pdf (556.48 Kb)
Development of a Tension Monitoring App09/06/2017HTN09-01HTN09-01.pdf (629.12 Kb)
HTHF News Issue 701/06/201707HTHF-News-Issue-7.pdf (414.21 Kb)
E nitens Optimised Engineered Lumber (OELTM) Trial21/05/2017SWP-T014SWP-T014.pdf (1.14 Mb)
E. bosistoana 2010 breeding population growth and form assessment at age 6 for elite tree selection21/05/2017SWP-FN021
Development of a prototype phenotyping platform for plantation forests17/05/2017GCFF TN-014GCFF-TN014.pdf (952.11 Kb)
Harvesting & Logistics Technical Reports Index14/05/2017 000-Website-FFR-Harvesting-Technical-Reports.pdf (27.02 Kb)
Harvesting Tech Watch Index14/05/20170 Index0-Record-Sheet-Harvesting-Tech-Watch.pdf (15.01 Kb)