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SWP Programme Update – March 202031/03/2020SWP-TU06SWP-TU06 (643.74 Kb)
Safety benefits of growing forestry technology18/03/2020HTN12-06HTN12-06 (405.82 Kb)
Automation and Robotics Theme Update – March 202018/03/2020HTU-34HTU-34 (372.88 Kb)
Harvester Simulator Training in Finland18/03/2020HTW-019HTW-019 (1.20 Mb)
Using Data Envelopment Analysis to explore Productivity Benchmarking in the New Zealand Harvesting Sector18/03/2020H042H042 (720.63 Kb)
A Woodlot Analysis Tool – Designed and Initial Testing09/03/2020HTN12-05HTN12-05 (486.59 Kb)
SWP Q2 TST Meeting Papers – 28 February 202020/02/2020SWP Q2 2019_2020
Steep Land Harvesting Programme – Post Programme Report 31 July 201819/02/2020H035H035 (990.35 Kb)
A Survey of Ground-based Harvesting Systems in New Zealand19/02/2020HTN12-04HTN12-04 (685.75 Kb)
Biomass recovery operations in New Zealand: a review of the review18/02/2020H041H041 (1.41 Mb)
Steep Land Harvesting Programme – Post Programme Report 31 July 201918/02/2020H040H040 (1.14 Mb)
Productivity and utilisation of winch-assist machines: case studies in New Zealand and Canada18/02/2020H039H039 (2.96 Mb)
Effect of personality on felling machine operator performance: Case study using a John Deere Simulator18/02/2020H038H038 (1.36 Mb)
Design of a Prototype Autonomous Forestry Extraction Machine18/02/2020H037H037 (1.43 Mb)
NZDFI – Project Update, July – December 201904/02/2020NZDFI-20NZDFI (86.83 Kb)
Additional economic modelling of regional LVL value chain E. bosistoana Growth Model Validation for NZDFI Strategy18/01/2020SWP-FN096
Effects of harvest disturbance and fertiliser addition on radiata pine wood quality – results from end-of-rotation assessments in a national trial series across New Zealand.24/12/2019GCFF TN-030GCFF-TN030 (1.51 Mb)
Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species24/12/2019SWP-T090SWP-T090 (1.07 Mb)
Harvesting Breaking Out Injuries: Analysis of IRIS data24/12/2019HTN12-03HTN12-03 (912.28 Kb)
Harvesting Landing-based Injuries: Analysis of IRIS data24/12/2019HTN12-02HTN12-02 (819.72 Kb)
A Decade of Benchmarking Harvesting Cost and Productivity24/12/2019HTN12-01HTN12-01 (452.91 Kb)
Helihawk Slash Grapple – First Production Trial23/12/2019HTN11-02HTN11-02 (1.24 Mb)
Comparison of Felling Heads to Reduce Tree Breakage23/12/2019HTN11-01HTN11-01 (883.98 Kb)
Experimental design for the germination of Pinus radiata somatic embryos23/12/2019TCP-FN002
Experimental design for the maturation of embryogenic cell lines of Pinus radiata23/12/2019TCP-FN001
Age 8 year growth and form assessment DF0369_01Bos12 Ngaumu08/12/2019SWP-FN095
2018 NZDFI Demonstration Trials Survival Assessment08/12/2019SWP-FN094
Age 10 year growth and form assessment of E. bositoana at Lawsons02/12/2019SWP-FN093
2009 and 2010 E. bosistoana trials at Cravens Rd02/12/2019SWP-FN092
Establishment report 2019 Cupressus macrocarpa progeny trial series – FR571 series02/12/2019SWP-FN091
Establishment report 2019 Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas-fir) progeny trials02/12/2019SWP-FN090
A population-genomic and taxonomic study of Eucalyptus argophloia and E. bosistoana.02/12/2019SWP-T089SWP-T089 (1.44 Mb)
SWP Q1 TST Meeting Papers – 17 October 201930/10/2019SWP Q1 2019_2020
FB Q1 – 5 November 2019 Meeting Papers30/10/201901
Queen’s Birthday Tolaga Bay Flood: A Meteorological Analyses23/10/2019GCFF-T007
Manuscript Draft: Assessing the impacts of experimental mid-rotation forest fertiliser treatments on water quality23/10/2019GCFF M008
Manuscript Draft: Variations in the performance of Pinus radiata stock at three locations indicates site-specific selection is viable23/10/2019GCFF M007
Manuscript Draft: Retention and leaching of nitrogen fertilizer in a young pine stand on pumice soil23/10/2019GCFF M005
Manuscript Draft:-Soil biodiversity and function in managed ecosystems23/10/2019GCFF M004
GCFF 2019-2020 Q1 TST Meeting Papers23/10/201901 Q1 GCFF 2019-2020
PGP Business Case: Te Mahi Ngahere i te Ao Hurihuri – Forestry Work in the Modern Age18/10/2019H036H036 (3.26 Mb)
NZDFI Strategy – Implementation17/10/2019SWP-WP117
GCFF has produced a forest phenotyping platform!05/10/2019GCFF TN-029GCFF-TN029_G11 (612.35 Kb)
2009 and 2010 E.bosistoana trials at Cravens Rd – 3rd assessment and marking up for thinning28/09/2019SWP-FN089
Conversion of Eucalyptus breeding trials to seed stands28/09/2019SWP-FN088
Establishment report 2019 cypress hybrid clones for site species28/09/2019SWP-FN087
Specialty Wood Products Research aligned SSIF (A02050)28/09/2019SWP-WP119
GCFF Newsletter: Issue 10, August 201924/09/2019GCFF-N1010 GCFF_August 2019_News (345.64 Kb)
Nursery outplanting trials – results and wider implications24/09/2019GCFF FN024
Dip-diffusion boron treatment of Eucalyptus fastigata and Eucalyptus nitens18/09/2019SWP-WP116