AUTOMATED HYDRAULIC QUICK COUPLER – Lower Logging Cost & Multi-function Capability

A field demonstration of the Auto Hydraulic Quick Coupler was held recently at Loggabull’s harvesting operation in Kinleith Forest, showing how one machine and operator can carry out multiple tasks. This project and field demonstration of the Automated Quick Coupler is part of the FGR Automation & Robotics Primary Growth Partnership led by FGR Programme Manager Keith Raymond. This project developed an Automatic Quick Coupler for rapid changeover of machine attachments without the operator having to leave the cab. Using the Automatic Quick Coupler with multiple attachments, only one based machine is required for log processing, sorting and loading, resulting in reduced capital cost, higher machine utilisation and lower operating costs. The Quick Coupler is suited to lower production operations where there is spare capacity.

The demonstration was positively received and attended by close to 60 attendees, from forest management companies and logging contractors from both corporate and woodlot scenarios, who saw the huge potential and advantages of what the Quick Coupler provides. Anyone interested in purchasing the demo machine with attachments, contact Phillip McKenzie at AB Equipment Ltd, Taupo or to do a custom build on a base machine of your choice, contact Jason Stamp at Aptella (previously Synergy Equipment Ltd)

The Automated Hydraulic Quick Coupler is featured in the June issue of NZ Logger magazine