ErodeNZ, the story so far… – Video

2017 Forest Growers Conference
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October 18, 2017
Duncan Harrison: Scion

ErodeNZ: the story so far

Conference presenter:  Duncan Harrison, Scion


ErodeNZ is a mobile application, being developed by Scion, to collect on-site erosion and debris flow data. It aims to address the perceived lack of information and understanding of small-scale erosion and debris flow incidence.

Erode NZ’s developers hope that forest managers, and anyone else with an interest in erosion, will take photos of erosion sites and/or debris flows using the ErodeNZ app on their mobile phone. The data will be automatically geo-located, and uploaded into GNS’s landslide database. From here, it will be accessible to research institutions, regional councils, and the general public, for analysis.

By using this ‘citizen science’ approach, researchers hope to gain a much better understanding of erosion and debris flows in different locations and under different circumstances. Ultimately this will lead to better harvest management plans, reducing the risks of erosion caused by harvesting activities.

Summary of ErodeNZ, the story so far……………..       Duncan Harrison


Copy of Duncan’s presentation below.

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