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August 31, 2017

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Gallart M, Adair KL, Love J, Meason DF, Peter W. Clinton PW, Xue J, Matthew H. Turnbull MH. 2018. Host Genotype and Nitrogen Form Shape the Root Microbiome of Pinus radiata. Microbiology Ecology 75 (2), 419-433.


Auty D, Moore J, Achim A, Lyon A, Mochan S, Gardiner B 2017. Effects of early respacing on the density and microfibril angle of Sitka spruce wood. Forestry. doi:10.1093/forestry/cpx004

Dash, DP, MS Watt, GD Pearse, M Heaphy, HS Dungey, 2017. Assessing very high resolution UAV imagery for monitoring forest health during a simulated disease outbreak. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 131, 1-14

Mammeri Y., Sellier D. 2017. A surface model of nonlinear, non-steady-state phloem transport. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 14, 1055-1069.

Moore J, Cown D. 2017. Corewood (Juvenile Wood) and Its Impact on Wood Utilisation. Curr Forestry Rep. doi: 10.1007/s40725-017-0055-2

Moore J, Dash J, Lee J, McKinley R, Dungey H. 2017. Quantifying the influence of seedlot and stand density on growth, wood properties and the economics of growing radiata pine. Forestry 2017; 00, 1–14, doi:10.1093/forestry/cpx016

Pearse, GD, Morgenroth, JA, Watt, MS, Dash JP, 2017. Optimising prediction of forest leaf area index from discrete airborne lidar. Remote Sensing of Environment 200 Pages 220–239.

Thumm, A., & Riddell, M. (2017). Resin defect detection in appearance lumber using 2D NIR spectroscopy. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 1-8.

Watt MS, Kimberley MO, Dash J, Harrison D. 2017. Spatial prediction of optimal final stand density for even age plantation forests using productivity indices. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 47, 527-535.

Yongjun L, Suontama M, Burdon R, Dungey H. April 2017 accepted. Genotype by environment interactions in forest tree breeding: review of methodology 1 and perspectives on research and application. Tree Genetics and Genomes 13 (3).

Dash JP, Pont D, Brownlie R, Dunningham A, Watt MS, Pearse G. 2016. Remote Sensing for Precision Forestry. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 60(4) 15 – 24.

Smaill SJ and Clinton PW. 2016. Overview of the issues affecting fertiliser use in New Zealand’s radiata pine forests. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 61(2) 11–15.


Baillie BR, Rolando CA. 2015. Long-term management of streams in planted forest steeplands. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 60(2) 21-24.

Basher L, Harrison DR, Phillips CJ, Marden M. 2015. What do we need for a risk management approach to steepland plantation forests in erodible terrain. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 60(2) 7-10.

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Moore, J.; Clinton, P.W. 2015. Enhancing the productivity of radiata pine forestry with environmental limits.  New Zealand Journal of Forestry 60(3) 35-41.

Moore JR, Cown DJ. 2015. Wood quality variability – what is it, what are the consequences and what we can do about it? New Zealand Journal of Forestry 59(4).

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