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Remote Tension Monitoring for Cable Haulers01/01/1992V-17-23web_REP-V17-23-1992 (1.73 Mb)
A Mechanised Swing Yarder Operation in New Zealand01/01/1992V-17-22web_REP-V17-22-1992 (1.10 Mb)
The Bell Static Delimber in a Clearfell Operation01/01/1992V-17-21web_REP-V17-21-1992 (1.25 Mb)
Roadlining with a Hydraulic Excavator01/01/1992V-17-20web_REP-V17-20-1992 (1.26 Mb)
Effect of Spiked Boots on Faller Safety, Productivity and Workload01/01/1992V-17-19web_REP-V17-19-1992 (1.01 Mb)
Log Transportation by Barge01/01/1992V-17-18web_REP-V17-18-1992 (1.68 Mb)
School Student Occupation Choice and Primary Industries01/01/1992V-17-17web_REP-V17-17-1992 (1.28 Mb)
Roller Crushing of Cutover as a Logging Residue Management Technique01/01/1992V-17-16web_REP-V17-16-1992 (1007.99 Kb)
Mechanised Thinning with a Waratah Grapple Harvester and Timberjack Forester01/01/1992V-17-15web_REP-V17-15-1992 (1.61 Mb)
Logging Residue Handling- A Study of Two Cutover Preparation Techniques01/01/1992V-17-14web_REP-V17-14-1992 (1.25 Mb)
The Butt Diameter/Diameter Breast Height Relationship01/01/1992V-17-13web_REP-V17-13-1992 (762.10 Kb)
Conspicuous Colours for Loggers Safety Clothing01/01/1992V-17-11web_REP-V17-11-1992 (818.96 Kb)
Volume and Values Loss in K Grade Export Logs01/01/1992V-17-10web_REP-V17-10-1992 (1.48 Mb)
Two Grapple Skidders for New Crop Radiata01/01/1992V-17-09web_REP-V17-9-1992 (1.38 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199101/01/1992V-17-08web_REP-V17-8-1992 (727.40 Kb)
Helicopter Logging- An Environmental Logging Case Study01/01/1992V-17-07web_REP-V17-7-1992 (1.20 Mb)
Long Term Data Collection to Benefit Contractor Record Keeping01/01/1992V-17-06web_REP-V17-6-1992 (1.38 Mb)
Alternative Log Marking Systems01/01/1992V-17-05web_REP-V17-5-1992 (1011.22 Kb)
The D5H Cable Tracked Skidder in Both Uphill and Downhill Extraction01/01/1992V-17-04web_REP-V17-4-1992 (1.05 Mb)
Down Hill Extraction with a D5H Grapple Tracked Skidder01/01/1992V-17-03web_REP-V17-3-1992 (1.21 Mb)
Central Truck Inflation- Truck Performance Testing01/01/1992V-17-02web_REP-V17-2-1992 (1.88 Mb)
The Madill 171 in New Zealand01/01/1992V-17-01web_REP-V17-1-1992 (1.10 Mb)
Partial Processing for Extraction with a Madill 17106/01/1992V-17-12web_REP-V17-12-1992 (1.78 Mb)
Comparing the range of regional tree volume and taper tables01/02/1992SMC026SMC026 (1.59 Mb)
Prediction of internode length in Pinus Radiata stands08/02/1992SMC027SMC027 (767.20 Kb)
Growth and survival of Radiata Pine cuttings, plantlets and seedlings on ten North Island sites01/06/1992SMC029SMC029 (2.04 Mb)
Performance of Radiata Pine seedlings and cuttings on a farm site, Valley Road, Rotorua01/06/1992SMC028SMC028 (3.37 Mb)
The effect of site, stocking and genetics on second-log branching in Pinus Radiata30/06/1992SMC033SMC033 (770.13 Kb)
The divergence/convergence question30/06/1992SMC032SMC032 (1.42 Mb)
Validation of growth model EARLY for seedlings and cuttings grown on farm and forest sites30/06/1992SMC030SMC030 (1.83 Mb)
Radiata Pine regeneration: Ecology and control29/08/1992SM061SMC_061 (1.54 Mb)
Ligin distribution in wood from a boron deficient site29/08/1992 SM060SMC_060 (369.01 Kb)
Effects of herbaceous competition on Radiata Pine growth29/08/1992SM059SMC_059 (2.42 Mb)
Key points from technical sessions and field day of the NZ Forest Site Management Cooperative held in Dunedin 26-27 May 199229/08/1992SM057SMC_057 (3.20 Mb)
“Genetic variation in nutrition and edaphic requirements in Pinus radiata: The evidence, implications and research proposals”29/08/1992SM056SMC_056 (2.52 Mb)
Mid-crown yellowing: Current status of knowledge and research opportunities. Discussion Document29/08/1992 SM055SMC_055 (1.29 Mb)
Peltor Lite-Com: Helmet Melted Two Way Radio Communication System01/01/1993 TN-12web_TN-12 (338.80 Kb)
Adding Winches to Hydraulic Excavators- Roller Crushing01/01/1993 TN-11web_TN-11 (384.89 Kb)
Pruning Douglas-fir01/01/1993 TN-10web_TN-10 (400.93 Kb)
Safety-link Multi-monitor Emergency Alarm Systems01/01/1993TN-08web_TN-8 (351.41 Kb)
Benefits of Remote Tension Monitoring01/01/1993V-18-23web_REP-V18-23-1993 (2.28 Mb)
Felling and Delimbering Hazards01/01/1993V-18-22web_REP-V18-22-1993 (1.25 Mb)
Logging Extraction Track Rehabilitation01/01/1993V-18-21web_REP-V18-21-1993 (1.70 Mb)
Wood Transport Using A Long Reach Skyline01/01/1993V-18-20web_REP-V18-20-1993 (1.62 Mb)
Evaluation of Four Statistical Quality Control Packages01/01/1993V-18-19web_REP-V18-19-1993 (976.59 Kb)
Sediment Yields From Logging Tracks in Kaingaroa Forest01/01/1993V-18-18web_REP-V18-18-1993 (1.96 Mb)
Human Factors in Log Making01/01/1993V-18-17web_REP-V18-17-1993 (1.38 Mb)
Economic Comparison of Truck Configurations01/01/1993V-18-16web_REP-V18-16-1993 (1.64 Mb)
Lost Time Accidents in Forestry – 1991 and 199201/01/1993V-18-15web_REP-V18-15-1993 (809.26 Kb)
Harvesting Mechanisation and Silviculture01/01/1993V-18-14web_REP-V18-14-1993 (2.28 Mb)