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On Board Truck Scales01/01/1993V-18-13web_REP-V18-13-1993 (1.79 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199201/01/1993V-18-12web_REP-V18-12-1993 (739.24 Kb)
Felling Techniques for Riparian Management Zones01/01/1993V-18-11web_REP-V18-11-1993 (1.67 Mb)
The Impact of Riparian buffer strip characteristics on Forest Harvesting01/01/1993V-18-10web_REP-V18-10-1993 (1.80 Mb)
Visual Impacts of Forest Operations: Measuring Concern in New Zealand01/01/1993V-18-09web_REP-V18-9-1993 (1.19 Mb)
Skid Site Rehabilitation01/01/1993V-18-08web_REP-V18-8-1993 (989.55 Kb)
Evaluation of Asicam for Truck Scheduling in New Zealand01/01/1993V-18-07web_REP-V18-7-1993 (1.44 Mb)
Dismantling of Accumulations of Logging Residue Around Hauler Landings01/01/1993V-18-06web_REP-V18-6-1993 (1.15 Mb)
Planting Productivity in a Range of Logging Residue Treatments01/01/1993V-18-05web_REP-V18-5-1993 (951.99 Kb)
Labour Movement in Logging Industry- One Region’s Experience01/01/1993V-18-04web_REP-V18-4-1993 (1.20 Mb)
The Impact of Spiked Boots on the Safety, Workload and Productivity of Breaking out01/01/1993V-18-03web_REP-V18-3-1993 (1.21 Mb)
Substitute Anchors for Earth, Rock and Rocky Soils- An Update01/01/1993V-18-02web_REP-V18-2-1993 (928.37 Kb)
A Survey of the Logging Industry- 199101/01/1993V-18-01web_REP-V18-1-1993 (1.46 Mb)
1992 Stihl Research Grant – An Investigation of Techniques to Reduce Chainsaw Injuries to the Hand01/01/1993PR52PR 52 (2.80 Mb)
Key points from technical sessions of the NZ Forest Site Management Cooperative held at Lincoln University on 24 November 199329/08/1993SM066SMC_066 (1.61 Mb)
Field screening of covercrop species for establishment on forest cutovers29/08/1993SM065SMC_065 (1.30 Mb)
“Key points from technical sessions of the NZ Forest Site Management Cooperative held at NZFRI, Rotorua an 14 June 1993”29/08/1993 SM064SMC_064 (1.61 Mb)
Interspecific competition between Pinus radiata and some common weeds species- First year results29/08/1993SM063SMC_063 (1.70 Mb)
Radiata Pine followers trial – establishment report11/11/1993PM002REP02 (2.69 Mb)
A model to predict branch index in Radiata Pine direct sawlog regimes11/11/1993PM001REP01 (841.80 Kb)
Prescribed fire behaviour and fuel consumption in northern Portugal and Galiza maritime pine stands (Prescribed burn, fire effects)01/01/1994Botelhobotelho1 (414.36 Kb)
Relationship between environmental variables and Radiata Pine growth in the Canterbury growth modelling region01/01/1994SGM039SGM039 (1.14 Mb)
Growth variation among sites: A modelling perspective01/01/1994SGM038SGM038 (1.95 Mb)
Methodology for collecting branch growth data01/01/1994SGM037SGM037 (1.36 Mb)
Otago/Southland tree volume equations01/01/1994 SGM036SGM036 (2.38 Mb)
Genetic gain in Radiata Pine expressed as growth rate multipliers01/01/1994SGM035SGM035 (3.86 Mb)
Projecting inventory data: Predicting individual tree diameter growth01/01/1994SGM034SGM034 (2.58 Mb)
Hawkes Bay growth model documentation01/01/1994SGM033SGM033 (1.69 Mb)
Establishment report for the 1987 silviculture/breeds trials01/01/1994SGM032SGM032 (3.29 Mb)
Spot Ripping of Cutover01/01/1994 TN-14web_TN-14 (310.26 Kb)
Short Long Splice- Accelerated Wear and Tensile Strength Test01/01/1994 TN-13web_TN-13 (777.51 Kb)
Planning the Harvest of a Forest Woodlot01/01/1994V-19-16web_REP-V19-16-1994 (1.48 Mb)
Waste Wood at Logging Landings01/01/1994V-19-15web_REP-V19-15-1994 (2.30 Mb)
Portable and Low Cost Bridges01/01/1994V-19-14web_REP-V19-14-1994 (2.94 Mb)
Accuracy of GPS for Updating Forest Maps: The Marlborough Sound Experience01/01/1994V-19-13web_REP-V19-13-1994 (1.25 Mb)
Career Aspirations and Industry Perceptions of Polytechnic Forestry Students- A Pilot Study01/01/1994V-19-12web_REP-V19-12-1994 (1.53 Mb)
Lost Time Accidents in Forestry- 199301/01/1994V-19-11web_REP-V19-11-1994 (697.49 Kb)
Log Truck Unloading01/01/1994V-19-10web_REP-V19-10-1994 (692.33 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199301/01/1994V-19-09web_REP-V19-9-1994 (837.54 Kb)
Increasing Skidder Operation Seatbelt Usage01/01/1994V-19-08web_REP-V19-8-1994 (1015.17 Kb)
Developing Streamside Management Guidelines for New Zealand Production Forestry01/01/1994V-19-07web_REP-V19-7-1994 (3.15 Mb)
A Mechanised Harvesting System in a Clearfell Radiata Pine Operation in Australia01/01/1994V-19-06web_REP-V19-6-1994 (1.75 Mb)
An Evaluation of a Waratah Model HTH 234 Harvesting in a Cable Hauler Operation01/01/1994V-19-05web_REP-V19-5-1994 (1.58 Mb)
Physiological Workload of Forestwork01/01/1994V-19-04web_REP-V19-4-1994 (1.27 Mb)
Evaluation of a Waratah Hydraulic Tree Harvester HTH 23401/01/1994V-19-03web_REP-V19-3-1994 (1.42 Mb)
The Impact of Forest Management on Erosion and Sedimentation01/01/1994V-19-02web_REP-V19-2-1994 (2.89 Mb)
The Effect of Slash Cover in Reducing Soil Compaction Resulting from Vehicle Passage01/01/1994V-19-01web_REP-V19-1-1994 (1.53 Mb)
Predicting Green Crown Height in Douglas-fir01/02/1994DF001DF001 (383.29 Kb)
Monthly Basal Area Growth Distribution of Douglas-fir in New Zealand01/02/1994DF002DF002 (431.59 Kb)
Establishment of a replicated pruning and thinning trial in DF at Kaingaroa01/02/1994DF004DF004 (428.40 Kb)