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BIO Q2 Report 201405/02/201506
Nectria infection of nursery stock : Berwick Forest Trial01/04/20070606 (194.74 Kb)
RA3.1 Workplan_Sustainability of future intensification_intervention trials28/09/201506
Forestry Trials Database_CONFIDENTIAL TO COMMITTEE12/05/201506
Draft Milestone and Work Plan Year 221/08/201506
GCFF Paper: Legg Bradley Acoustic Stiffness Review10/07/201506
Cupressus 1999 Ex-Scrub Plantation South12/07/201306cupressus_1999_ex-scrub-plantation_south (34.84 Mb)
DRAFT GCFF workplan 2015_2016 as of 2015_03_1720/04/201507
Presentation: NZFOA_Biosecurity01/04/201607
Phylogeny of the Pine Pitch canker fungus Fusarium circinatum: An emerging global view01/01/2006077a (376.81 Kb)
RA 2.2 Pilot Accelerator Trial Design_S.Smaill03/02/201507
Draft paper Pont et al LiDARCorrelations 2016_06_2020/07/201607
RA3.1b WorkPlan_RA3_1_NuBalM08/10/201407
Stem Injection – Dose response trails and bioassays01/01/20050707 (731.85 Kb)
Communication and Engagement Presentation10/07/201407
Diversified Species Theme Update 0717/05/201207DSTU-007 (201.26 Kb)
FD Minimum Zoospore Concentration for Red Needle16/07/201407
New Zealand Vegetation Fire Database Summary and Initial Data Quality Findings – June 200501/06/20050707 NZ_FireDataSummary (1.40 Mb)
Paper Dunningham et al 2016 Social learning towards addressing the ill-structured problem12/04/201607
Needle Diseases of Radiata Pine in NZ : A Review01/08/20080707 (2.15 Mb)
RA2.1 Terrestrial laser scanning for forest inventory_an update12/02/201607
Nectria ecology summary01/03/20070707 (3.34 Mb)
Preso 1_Coker et al 2015 Nutrional baseline at Kaingaroa trial site18/11/201507
Presentation from Glen Murphy20/04/201508
Report on visit to Chile to examine DFP – October 200714/06/20090808 (2.23 Mb)
Draft paper Pont et al LiDARParameters_2016_06_2020/07/201608
RA3.2a Forestry in steep eroding hillcountry ppt NZIF Napier 2014_0708/10/201408
Stem Injection – Operational Stem injections trials and bioassays01/01/20050808 (594.11 Kb)
2014 – 2015 Work Plan Presentation10/07/201408
Diversified Species Theme Update 0811/09/201208DSTU-008 (1.42 Mb)
Spatial Prediction of Wildfire Hazard Across New Zealand: A Significant Upgrade – September 200501/09/20050808 WTAhazardupgrade (2.65 Mb)
Foliar Diseases of Pine – The NZ Experience01/01/20060808 (570.10 Kb)
RA2.2 Quantifying the productivity gap12/02/201608
Nectria Ecology01/03/20070808 (325.54 Kb)
Preso 2_Coker et al 2015 Tracksprayer trials to test midrotation treatment options18/11/201508
GCFF FN03 DNA extraction from cambium of Pinus radiata for FR1010/07/201508
GCFF Key outputs 2015/16 Overview14/05/201509
Field Identification Guide for DFP01/12/20070909 (180.80 Kb)
Draft paper Romagnoli etal 2016 Wood quality Climatic events20/07/201609
RA3.2c WorkPlan_RA3_2a_Tarawera08/10/201409
The Chemical Analysis of Pesticides in Stem Injection Trials01/01/20050909 (324.09 Kb)
Innovation Clusters Presentation10/07/201409
Diversified Species Theme Update 0929/10/201309DSTU-009 (476.75 Kb)
Paper Watt et al 2016 Use of productivity indices to spatially predict12/04/201609
Determination of field sampling methods for the assessment of curing levels in grasslands – 200501/01/20050909 CuringSamplingMethods (3.41 Mb)
RA2.2 Water use differences between clones12/02/201609
Nectria Ecology (2)01/03/20070909 (462.58 Kb)
Preso 3_Watt et al 2015 Optimisation of final crop stand density and value Q1 TST18/11/201509
RA3.3a 2014 NZARES A Framework for analysing forest ecosystem services08/10/201409a
GCFF TN0001 Boron Review Nov 201411/12/20141