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Community indicators for sustainable forest management in New Zealand29/07/2010ESTN-011ESTN-011 (1.00 Mb)
Comparative moisture uptake of New Zealand grown Douglas fir and Radiata pine structural timber when exposed to rain wetting01/02/2004DF036Coopreport36Rainwetting (218.50 Kb)
Comparative phenology of Paropsisterna cloelia and Paropsis charybdis in Marlborough22/08/2022SWP-T149SWP-T149 (1.80 Mb)
Comparative study of stability between New Zealand grown Douglas fir and Radiata pine structural timber when subjected to moisture cycling01/02/2007DF053Dfir-CoopReport53 (191.95 Kb)
Compare nitens flooring product to a competitor.06/09/2018SWP-WP076
Comparing harvester productivity in third-row versus fifth-row thinning of a Eucalyptus nitens plantation01/12/2009CRC-6CRC-6 (293.16 Kb)
Comparing the range of regional tree volume and taper tables01/02/1992SMC026SMC026 (1.59 Mb)
Comparison among control-pollinated and open-pollinated seedlots of Eucalyptus nitens in New Zealand01/04/2007EC009Euc Coop - report No. 9 (184.78 Kb)
Comparison of actual outturns of log grades with predicted values01/01/1992SGM027SGM027 (1.09 Mb)
Comparison of butt-log branching characteristics of improved Pinus radiata breeds at Cpt 1218, Kaingaroa08/10/1987SMC001SMC001 (7.36 Mb)
Comparison of containerised and bare-rooted cuttings and seedlings trial- Establishment report11/11/1989SMC016SMC016 (2.32 Mb)
Comparison of Douglas-fir Modelling09/03/2013DS053DS053 (625.71 Kb)
Comparison of Felling Heads to Reduce Tree Breakage23/12/2019HTN11-01HTN11-01 (883.98 Kb)
Comparison of GF and long internode breeds along with high wood density clones planted as shelterbelts- Establishment report View Edit Track Clone11/05/2001PM078REP78 (6.03 Mb)
Comparison of Improved Seedlots of E.fastigata at Age 728/11/2013DS063DS063 (519.82 Kb)
Comparison of Methods for Estimating Harvesting Payload01/01/2009HTN02-08HTN02-08 (223.71 Kb)
Comparison of Multi-objective Optimisation Techniques: Land Use Modelling19/07/2011DSTN-018DSTN-018 (579.08 Kb)
Comparison of PhotoMARVL data with TreeBLOSSIM predictions: 1978 genetic gain trial data01/01/2003SGM120SGM120 (3.35 Mb)
Comparison of Radiata Pine Growth Model01/06/2009R040R040 (8.47 Mb)
Comparison of Radiata Pine Growth Models: Stand Level Predictions from Mid-rotation Onwards01/09/2010R016R016 (2.39 Mb)
Comparison of Radiata Pine Modelling Systems28/07/2012R071R071 (1.40 Mb)
Comparison of Stocking and Thinning Regimes for Cypresses in New Zealand10/06/2012DS042DS042 (1.65 Mb)
Comparison of TanDEM-X InSAR data and high-density ALS for the prediction of forest inventory attributes in plantation forests with steep terrain22/06/2019GCFF-T006GCFF-T006 (1.81 Mb)
Comparison of techniques to measure tree internode lengths11/11/1995PM018REP18 (12.20 Mb)
Comparison of the water absorbency of Douglas fir and Radiata Pine framing timber01/06/2005DF047Coopreport47Waterabsorbancy (237.90 Kb)
Comparison of tree growth in 1975 FCS trials And 1987 GG trials01/01/2004SGM123SGM123 (723.96 Kb)
Comparison of TreeBLOSSIM predictions with field measurements: FR121/4 (tairua) and FR121/7 (Huanui)01/01/2006SGM135SGM135 (4.67 Mb)
Comparison of TreeBLOSSIM predictions with inventory data: Hawkes Bay Forests01/01/2003SGM109SGM109 (1.62 Mb)
Comparison of TreeBLOSSIM predictions with PhotoMARVL/ TreeD data01/01/2007SGM142SGM142 (5.41 Mb)
Comparison of TreeBLOSSIM predictions with TreeD data: FR121/2, Kinleith01/01/2007 SGM148SGM148 (1.68 Mb)
Comparison of TreeD measurements of branching with TreeBLOSSIM predictions: Westland01/01/2006SGM136SGM136 (668.76 Kb)
Computers for Log Transport01/01/1985V-10-02web_REP-V10-2-1985 (250.88 Kb)
Concept Design for Teleoperation of a John Deere 909 Feller Buncher09/12/2015H024H024 (824.25 Kb)
Conceptual design of first-generation experimental customized TIM bioreactors with gas phase control (customized 1st GEN bioreactor) at GT29/09/2021TCP-T001TCP-T001 _G10 (610.52 Kb)
Conspicuous Colours for Loggers Safety Clothing01/01/1992V-17-11web_REP-V17-11-1992 (818.96 Kb)
Constructex Wire Rope: Initial Trials04/08/2016HTN08-08HTN08-08 (470.45 Kb)
Constructing a decision support system for nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers and weed control (Technical report)29/08/2002 SM119SMC_119 (180.19 Kb)
Construction Cost Estimation for Forest Roads09/01/1990PR50PR 50 (1.23 Mb)
Continue economic modelling work, summarise submissions06/09/2018SWP-WP068
Continuous cover forestry with Douglas fir01/02/2006DF051DF051 (255.38 Kb)
Contribution of Insect Biodiversity to Wood Decomposition29/06/2010ESTN-005ESTN-005 (114.84 Kb)
Contribution to MPI booklet on ready to plant species29/11/2022SWP-WP168
Control-pollination within the eucalyptus breeding population: Part one – recommendations for pollen handling08/04/2017EBC035Eucalypt Coop Report 35 (3.96 Mb)
Conversion factors for Type 1 and 11 resin pockets11/11/2005PM094PMCoop_Report94 (554.06 Kb)
Conversion of Eucalyptus breeding trials to seed stands28/09/2019SWP-FN088
Convert Eucalyptus breeding trials to Seed Stands18/04/2019SWP-WP095
Convert Eucalyptus breeding trials to Seed Stands29/03/2023SWP-FN145
Converting Hydraulic Excavators to Log Loading01/01/1985 V-10-13web_REP-V10-13-1985 (787.04 Kb)
Coppicing of Eucalyptus fastigata and the hybrid Eucalyptus grandis X E. nitens08/04/2017EBC028Eucalypt Coop Report 28 (3.00 Mb)
Corduroy for Forest Roads01/01/1995V-20-04web_REP-V20-4-1995 (1.89 Mb)