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D-fir – Assess wood stiffness, planting of progeny trials and breeding archive top-up grafts.06/09/2018SWP-WP069
D4H Tractor and Towed Arch in Radiata Clearfell01/01/1991V-16-08web_REP-V16-8-1991 (725.73 Kb)
Damage to young E. nitens and E. fastigata following application of residual herbicides.08/04/2017ME039Manage Eucalypts Coop 39 (3.41 Mb)
Dash et al 2016 Manuscript on monitoring-simulated-disease Small file03/01/201706
Data Capture from Harvester On-board Computers06/11/2015HTN08-03HTN08-03 (625.99 Kb)
Dave Saville File Note14/09/201505
David Henry Scholarship Report – Study Tour to Scandinavia and Britain 198203/01/1982PR18PR 18 (5.10 Mb)
Decision Support Model28/06/2018CAL1Calc Decision Suport (313.15 Kb)
Defining the optimal area and duration of weed control at Tokoiti Forest- Results after three years29/08/1998SM096SMC_096 (1.98 Mb)
Dehydration: The Dry Horror’s01/01/1995 TN-16web_TN-17 (353.45 Kb)
Delimbering Radiata Pine with the Hunt Processor01/01/1985 V-10-01web_REP-V10-1-1985 (728.00 Kb)
Delimbing Studies01/01/1977PR04PR 4 (3.97 Mb)
Delimbing: Mill Accetance Standards01/01/1978V-03-02web_REP-V3-2-1978 (497.61 Kb)
Demand and Supply Driven Bullwhip Effect01/11/2008R015R015 (737.66 Kb)
Demographic Composition of the Management Staff of Smaller New Zealand Forest Companies01/01/1996V-21-24web_REP-V21-24-1996 (1.26 Mb)
Demonstration/ research trials of improved Radiata Pine breeds- Establishment report01/11/1988SMC006SMC006 (10.85 Mb)
Densification of E. fastigata and E. nitens for improved surface hardness10/07/2020SWP-T105SWP-T105 (761.98 Kb)
Density and diversity of fungal endophytes isolated from needles of Pinus radiata01/06/2008BO-0707 (899.89 Kb)
Density and Stiffness of USA-grown Douglas-fir19/03/2011DSTN-025DSTN-025 (1.58 Mb)
Depreciation and the Logging Business01/01/1987 V-12-08web_REP-V12-8-1987 (913.78 Kb)
Design and Establishment of New Experimental Trials in Future Forests29/08/2011ES014ES013 (657.79 Kb)
Design of a Lab-based Development Platform14/08/2012HTN04-11HTN04-11 (2.12 Mb)
Design of a Prototype Autonomous Forestry Extraction Machine18/02/2020H037H037 (1.43 Mb)
Design of Future Large Plot Genetic Gains Trials28/11/2013R051R051 (446.52 Kb)
Design of the Robotic Tree Felling Machine14/05/2017H011H011 (643.08 Kb)
Design of the Tree-to-Tree Robot:Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis08/12/2015H023H023 (1.42 Mb)
Destructive and Non-Destructive Key Wood Property Sampling Protocols01/09/2010RTN-002RTN-002 (247.29 Kb)
Detection of disease in forest nurseries01/01/20061313 (1.14 Mb)
Detection of Nectria fuckeliana in wood cores from pruned and unpruned Pinus radiata – interim report23/06/20061414 (168.88 Kb)
Detection of Nectria fuckeliana in wood cores from pruned and unpruned Pinus radiata. Second year results Feb 200701/02/20071111 (1.05 Mb)
Determination of field sampling methods for the assessment of curing levels in grasslands – 200501/01/20050909 CuringSamplingMethods (3.41 Mb)
Determine changes in wood dimension with changes in air humidity.06/09/2018SWP-WP078
Determine E. globoidea wood properties including growth strain, stiffness and heartwood06/09/2018SWP-WP060
Determining Priorities for Sustainability Research on New Zealand Forestry29/08/2010ES012ES012 (919.80 Kb)
Determining the effective pollination among clones of Eucalyptus fastigata using SSR markers01/07/2007EC007Euc Coop - report No. 7 (213.62 Kb)
Developing a Forest Investment Finder for NZ29/08/2012ES015ES015 (2.51 Mb)
Developing a Multi-function Hauler: A Feasbility Study09/12/2011HTN04-04HTN04-04 (199.72 Kb)
Developing GC methods for analysing the foliar chemistry of durable eucalypts: a potential pest-tolerance screening tool16/06/2018SWP-T052SWP-T052 (1.59 Mb)
Developing Meaning into Visualisations of Sustainable Forestry in New Zealand23/02/2011ESTN-015ESTN-015 (258.92 Kb)
Developing Streamside Management Guidelines for New Zealand Production Forestry01/01/1994V-19-07web_REP-V19-7-1994 (3.15 Mb)
Developing the potential of New Zealand’s portable sawmilling and alternative timber sector02/11/2020SWP-WP132
Development and testing of models for predicting crown fire rate of spread in conifer forest stand (Crown fire, fire behaviour prediction)01/01/2005Cruzcruz3 (1.70 Mb)
Development and testing of the Nutrient Balance Model (NuBalM) – site specific function24/10/2018GCFF FN018
Development of a boron decision support system framework (technical report)29/08/2002 SM120SMC_120 (2.98 Mb)
Development of a model system to predict wildfire behaviour in pine plantations (Fire behaviour, crown fire)01/01/2007Cruzcruz2 (551.23 Kb)
Development of a national height model for scotch broom- Preliminary results and recommendations for further research29/08/2007SM136SMC_136 (771.05 Kb)
Development of a productivity index for Douglas fir01/02/2005DF044Coopreport44ProdIndex (270.05 Kb)
Development of a prototype phenotyping platform for plantation forests17/05/2017GCFF TN-014GCFF TN014 (952.11 Kb)
Development of a Tension Monitoring App09/06/2017HTN09-01HTN09-01 (629.12 Kb)
Development of a tissue culture approach for analysing Phytophthora host-pathogen interactions02/07/2016HTHF-T007HTHF-T007 (1.29 Mb)