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GCFF_Q1 2018-2019 Agenda & Presentations – TST Meeting_31 Oct 201824/10/2018GCFF Q118 01
Forest Biosecurity Q1 TST Meeting Agenda and Presentations – 30 October 201823/10/2018Q1 2018_2019
Site species mapping: Grow plants for establishing 3 trials in 201928/09/2018SWP-FN067
Douglas-fir breeding – Measured wood stiffness at Kaingaroa Cpt 132228/09/2018SWP-FN066
Douglas-fir planting in the Long Mile breeding archive28/09/2018SWP-FN065
The decay resistance of three wood species used as framing26/09/2018SWP-T064SWP-T064 (1.88 Mb)
Optimising new PSP locations21/09/2018SWP-T065SWP-T065 with attachment (2.63 Mb)
High-throughput automated qPCR for increased research outputs from forest pathology trials17/09/2018ND-T004ND-TN004 (489.39 Kb)
Forestry Work in the Modern Age Business Case14/09/201800H039 Business Case (3.09 Mb)
FGR: Industry Survey MBIE Bid Research Development12/09/2018SWOTSWOT Survey 2018 (14.28 Kb)
Determine changes in wood dimension with changes in air humidity.06/09/2018SWP-WP078
Quantify the strength characteristics of production-thin aged trees (15 years old).06/09/2018SWP-WP077
Compare nitens flooring product to a competitor.06/09/2018SWP-WP076
Relative economics, by species, of different products and different processing techniques.06/09/2018SWP-WP075
Capture and raise Eadya daenerys in anticipation of MPI approval for release06/09/2018SWP-WP073
Raise seedlings and plant demo plots06/09/2018SWP-WP072
Raise C. macrocarpa seedlings and plant Publication on C. lusitanica06/09/2018SWP-WP071
Nitens – Phenotypic assessment of Howdens Block and resistance to paropsis06/09/2018SWP-WP070
D-fir – Assess wood stiffness, planting of progeny trials and breeding archive top-up grafts.06/09/2018SWP-WP069
Continue economic modelling work, summarise submissions06/09/2018SWP-WP068
Establish demonstration trials06/09/2018SWP-WP067
MRC overall annual workplan06/09/2018SWP-WP066
Extend connection systems tested in CLT06/09/2018SWP-WP065
Peeling of 15 year-old E. bosistoana logs06/09/2018SWP-WP064
Segregation of eucalypts: assessing growth-strain in green eucalypt stems by NIR06/09/2018SWP-WP063
Assessing heartwood in cores from the Martin 2009 E. bosistoana breeding trial06/09/2018SWP-WP062
PhD proposal for a taxonomic and population-genomic study of Eucalyptus bosistoana / E. argophloia06/09/2018SWP-WP061
Determine E. globoidea wood properties including growth strain, stiffness and heartwood06/09/2018SWP-WP060
Assess susceptibility to insect pests across sites and susceptibility to EVB06/09/2018SWP-WP059
Utilisation of Winch-Assist Machines05/09/2018HTN10-03HTN10-03 (1023.14 Kb)
Integrated biomass harvesting for New Zealand operations05/09/2018HTN10-01HTN10-01 (1.21 Mb)
12 Manuscript RA12d – Corewood in radiata pine: revisiting the definition and a review of silvicultural options for controlling its extent23/08/2018GCFF Q418 12
NuBalM Leaching Module – Strategy23/08/2018GCFF FN016
11 Manuscript RA1 – Long term trials reveal the impact of silvicultural practices and genetic improvement on economic returns from intensively managed planted forests23/08/2018GCFF Q418 11
SWP Programme Update – August 201820/08/2018SWP-TU04SWP-TU04 (354.96 Kb)
Thermal Modification of Specialty Species: Results of Scion’s Core Funded Experiments17/08/2018SWP-T063SWP-T063 (924.38 Kb)
Supercritical CO2 dewatering of E. nitens. Results of Scion’s core funded experiments17/08/2018SWP-T062SWP-T062 (474.50 Kb)
Benchmarking 2017 Update08/08/2018HTN10-02HTN10-02 (397.91 Kb)
Adoption of New Road Management Technology25/07/2018H033H033 (1.37 Mb)
HTHF News Issue 9 – July 201823/07/2018HTHF N09HTHF News Issue 9 (10.19 Mb)
Steepland Harvesting Programme Post-Programme Report 201821/07/201802Steepland Harvesting Programme_2018 Report (989.08 Kb)
10 Yanchuck 2018 Review of Scion Phenotyping Platform research aspect 2018_0620/07/2018GCFF Q418 10
09 Manuscript RA4f Meason_Forests and water quantity20/07/2018GCFF Q418 09
08 Manuscript RA2.2AB_Meason_Puruki_Hydrology220/07/2018GCFF Q418 08
07 Manuscript RA2.1n From Seed to Harvest20/07/2018GCFF Q418 07
06 Manuscript RA2.1i Remote Sensing Machine Learning Dash et al20/07/2018GCFF Q418 06
05 Manuscript RA2.1a_ext LiDARSpatial_Pont_et-al20/07/2018GCFF Q418 05
04 Manuscript RA2.1_j Tree-based_spatial_models_Pont_et_al20/07/2018GCFF Q418 04
02 Manuscript RA 1.2c Quantifying site genotype and SxG effects-Xue 2018_0620/07/2018GCFF Q418 03
02 Manuscript RA 1.2c Quantifying site genotype and SxG effects-Xue 2018_0620/07/2018GCFF Q418 02