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Development of an approach to investigate the effects of RNC-induced defoliation on photosynthesis and carbon assimilation02/09/2016HTHF-TN001HTHF-TN001 (690.21 Kb)
Development of an Improved Felling Wedge for Directional Felling – Initial Trials24/10/2013H010H010 (573.19 Kb)
Development of an Improved Grapple/Carriage Control System: A Feasibility Study11/07/2011H005H005 (1.04 Mb)
Development of LiDAR Standards for Digital Elevation Models and Volume Maps08/05/2012R067R067 (4.14 Mb)
Development of new stand-level height/age curves for Douglas fir in New Zealand01/09/2004DF040Coopreport40Ht-age (261.50 Kb)
Development of non-destructive methods for the prediction of growth stress and internal checking in the sawing and drying of Eucalyptus nitens lumber09/09/2004EC002Eucalypt Coop No 2 (827.66 Kb)
Development of quantitative molecular assays for Cyclaneusma minus “smile” and “verum” (Exec summary only to date)05/10/2015ND-T008ND-T008 (398.15 Kb)
Development of Safe Felling and Delimbing Techniques with Chainsaws03/01/1980PR14PR 14 (1.75 Mb)
Development of sapstain and degrade after storm damage in stands of Pinus radiata01/05/20090404 (408.63 Kb)
Development of soil tests for predicting foliar Mg and B concentrations in P. radiata29/08/1996SM083SMC_083 (3.76 Mb)
Development of the Douglas-fir Productivity Spatial Surface using the Process-based model 3-PG22/08/2017SWP-T038SWP-T038 (1.29 Mb)
Development of the Jackson Beckham Improved Felling Wedge13/02/2015H018H018 (1.37 Mb)
Development of Total Stem Volume and Velocity Mpas from LiDAR Metrics09/03/2012R065R065 (318.22 Kb)
DF breeding at Cowichan Lake Research Station, Vancouver Island, British Colombia01/07/1996DF019DF019 (403.07 Kb)
DF Breeding Plan01/02/1995DF012DF012 (884.69 Kb)
DF clones in Waiuku seed orchard Part 1: Flushing order Part 2: Health assessment01/06/1994DF008DF008 (627.97 Kb)
Diameter and height distributions in improved and unimproved Pinus radiata01/01/1996SGM049SGM049 (6.51 Mb)
Diameter distributions for the regional stand growth models01/01/1990SGM013SGM013 (1.69 Mb)
Diesel Engine Lubrication01/01/1988V-13-21web_REP-V13-21-1988 (1.11 Mb)
Differences in Foliar Nutrient Concentrations Between and Within Populations and their Relation to Radiata Pine Growth26/07/2012RSPTN-021RSPTN-021 (282.16 Kb)
Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species19/05/2019SWP-T074SWP-T074 (870.29 Kb)
Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species24/12/2019SWP-T090SWP-T090 (1.07 Mb)
Dip-diffusion boron treatment of Eucalyptus fastigata and Eucalyptus nitens18/09/2019SWP-WP116
Directional Felling Second Crop P. Radiata on Steep Country01/01/1982V-07-01web_REP-V7-1-1982 (1.63 Mb)
Discretised Growth Models for E fastigata01/06/2010DSTN-015DSTN-015 (193.03 Kb)
Dismantling of Accumulations of Logging Residue Around Hauler Landings01/01/1993V-18-06web_REP-V18-6-1993 (1.15 Mb)
Distribution of Swiss Needle Cast in New Zealand in relation to winter temperature01/01/2007DF059Dfir-CoopReport59 (404.96 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0101/02/200901DSTU-001 (698.35 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0201/11/200902DSTU-002 (503.42 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0301/05/201003DSTU-003 (683.12 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0401/10/201004DSTU-004 (536.44 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0501/04/201105DSTU-005 (963.90 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0630/09/201106DSTU-006 (327.45 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0717/05/201207DSTU-007 (201.26 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0811/09/201208DSTU-008 (1.42 Mb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0929/10/201309DSTU-009 (476.75 Kb)
DNA collection from Eucalyptus nitens at Fortification Forest progeny trial02/11/2020SWP-WP133
DNA Extraction from Cambium of Pinus radiata for FR10/021/06/2015GCFF FN003
DNA Fingerprinting of Eucalyptus nitens07/10/2013DSTN-016DSTN-016 (389.06 Kb)
DNA fingerprinting to reconstruct parentage from trees in the forest – a second proof of concept22/06/2019GCFF TN-024GCFF-TN024 (662.46 Kb)
Documentation of Tree Characteristics Measureed in 1975 Final Crop Stocking Trials at Woodhill and Golden Downs01/07/2008R011R011 (304.92 Kb)
Dothistroma genetic gain trail- Establishment report11/04/1995PM011REP11 (1.83 Mb)
Double Drum Winches in Thinnings01/01/1981V-06-01web_REP-V6-1-1981 (812.77 Kb)
Double-drum Winch Skidder Trial01/01/1985 V-10-10web_REP-V10-10-1985 (706.71 Kb)
Doubling radiata pine productivity – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP009
Douglas fir Part 101/02/2007DF063aCoop Rpt 63 Pt 1 D-fir Research (1.36 Mb)
Douglas fir Processing Opportunities12/11/2020SWP-T113SWP-T113 (743.37 Kb)
Douglas fir Resource Characterisation23/05/2020SWP-FN100
Douglas Fir Strategy27/05/2020SWP-WP121
Douglas fir vegetative propagation – results in 200601/01/2007DF060Dfir-CoopReport60 (305.19 Kb)