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Evaluation of Eucalyptus globoidea grown on Matakana Island11/11/1996PM036REP36 (1.22 Mb)
A strategic plan for new and existing silvicultural trials11/11/1996PM035REP35 (1.27 Mb)
“Single clonal blocks versus two and sixteen clone mixtures trial, Tarawera Forest- Establishment report”11/11/1996PM034REP34 (2.12 Mb)
Causes and potential approaches to overcome inferior form and branching habit in Radiata Pine grown on farm sites – a literature view11/11/1996PM033REP33 (3.80 Mb)
Modelling individual-tree probability of survival of unthinned Radiata Pine01/01/1997SGM060SGM060 (3.75 Mb)
Projecting inventory data: Revised individual-tree static height equation01/01/1997SGM059SGM059 (1.62 Mb)
Projecting inventory data: Revised individual-tree diameter growth equations01/01/1997SGM058SGM058 (1.56 Mb)
The effect of silviculture on genetic gain in growth of Pinus radiata at one-third rotation01/01/1997SGM057SGM057 (8.28 Mb)
Prototype branch growth model- Demonstration program user guide01/01/1997 SGM056SGM056 (1.62 Mb)
Modelling individual tree survival of Radiata Pine in NZ: Progress to July 199601/01/1997SGM054SGM054 (1.76 Mb)
Second estimation of genetic gain multipliers using data from 1978-1980 large-block genetic gain trials01/01/1997 SGM053SGM053 (3.41 Mb)
Road Tech 2000- Road Stabilisation01/01/1997 TN-34web_TN-34 (362.03 Kb)
Utilisation of Logging Residue from a Hauler Landing01/01/1997 TN-33web_TN-33 (1.20 Mb)
The BH- 1220 Series 2 Rockbuster01/01/1997 TN-31web_TN-31 (371.15 Kb)
Effects of Survival and Tree Growth of Spot Cultivation with the Wilco01/01/1997 TN-30web_TN-30 (704.59 Kb)
Establishment report for the 1996 DF progeny tests at three sites01/01/1997DF020DF020 (4.17 Mb)
Establishment report for the 1996 DF seed source trials at seven sites01/01/1997DF021DF021 (3.19 Mb)
Calibration of a Skyline Band Break01/01/1997V-22-21web_REP-V22-21-1997 (536.62 Kb)
Bellis BE85 Cable Hauler01/01/1997V-22-20web_REP-V22-20-1997 (550.36 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Injuries 199601/01/1997V-22-19web_REP-V22-19-1997 (1.24 Mb)
Eye Requirements for Silviculture01/01/1997V-22-18web_REP-V22-18-1997 (1023.61 Kb)
Operator Health- A Survey of Feller-Buncher Operators01/01/1997V-22-17web_REP-V22-17-1997 (918.33 Kb)
The Impact of Washing Petrol and Oil on Protective legwear01/01/1997V-22-16web_REP-V22-16-1997 (914.76 Kb)
Lost Time Injuries in Forest Silviculture 199601/01/1997V-22-15web_REP-V22-15-1997 (1.53 Mb)
Protective Eye Wear- What Are the Choices?01/01/1997V-22-14web_REP-V22-14-1997 (649.95 Kb)
An Evaluation of Four Streamside Felling Techniques Used in Ground Based Operations01/01/1997V-22-13web_REP-V22-13-1997 (1.14 Mb)
Attitudes Towards Protective Eyewear in the New Zealand Logging Industry 199701/01/1997V-22-12web_REP-V22-12-1997 (2.04 Mb)
Cable Harvesting Windthrow01/01/1997V-22-11web_REP-V22-11-1997 (1.83 Mb)
Job-Rotation Rosters for Mechanised Operations01/01/1997V-22-10web_REP-V22-10-1997 (1.79 Mb)
Slash Treatment Trials- Results at Age 401/01/1997V-22-09web_REP-V22-9-1997 (563.32 Kb)
Fluid and Energy for Forest Workers01/01/1997V-22-08web_REP-V22-8-1997 (867.09 Kb)
Lost Time Injuries in Forest Silviculture 199501/01/1997V-22-07web_REP-V22-7-1997 (781.84 Kb)
Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue01/01/1997V-22-06web_REP-V22-6-1997 (847.48 Kb)
Chip Seal Trials for off Highway Forestry Roads ( Year 3)01/01/1997V-22-05web_REP-V22-5-1997 (969.80 Kb)
The Bat Wing- An Option for Cable Assisted Directional Felling01/01/1997V-22-04web_REP-V22-4-1997 (1.22 Mb)
Logging Residue at Hauler Landings- Results From an Industry Survey01/01/1997V-22-03web_REP-V22-3-1997 (1.26 Mb)
Logging Residue at Hauler Landings- Results From an Industry Survey01/01/1997V-22-02web_REP-V22-2-1997 (1.33 Mb)
The Rotree Spot Cultivator-Mounder View Edit Track Clone01/01/1997V-22-01web_REP-V22-1-1997 (1.10 Mb)
A Survey of North Island Woodlot Logging Contractors01/01/1997PR65PR 65 (7.47 Mb)
East Coast Silviculture Workforce 199601/01/1997PR64PR 64 (7.40 Mb)
Breakage in Manually-Felled Clearfell Radiata Pine01/01/1997PR63PR 63 (3.35 Mb)
Minimising Sapstain in Harvesting Operations01/01/1997PR62PR 62 (2.25 Mb)
Tree Shears and Feller Bunchers10/01/1997PR02PR 2 (3.05 Mb)
An evaluation of the relationships between DF growth, foliar nutrition and site variables in a series of permanent sample plots in Otage/Southland01/02/1997DF022DF022 (5.08 Mb)
Projecting inventory data: Predicting individual tree height growth01/04/1997SGM047SGM047 (1.26 Mb)
A comparison of the energy and force requirements of pruning loppers11/04/1997PM040REP40 (6.67 Mb)
Followers trials on forest sites- Establishment report11/05/1997PM041REP41 (1.08 Mb)
Genetic and site differences in Pinus radiata internode length in New Zealand11/05/1997PM039REP39 (1.93 Mb)
A preliminary analysis of potential for development of genetic gain modifiers for stem straightness11/05/1997PM038REP38 (1.24 Mb)
Study to identify sources of error in measuring sinuosity of the pruned butt-log using a height pole11/05/1997PM037REP37 (1.60 Mb)