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Douglas-fir 2012-2015 Proposed Permanent Sample Plot Measurement Plan13/02/2013DS047DS047 (1.35 Mb)
Douglas-fir breeding – Measured wood stiffness at Kaingaroa Cpt 132228/09/2018SWP-FN066
Douglas-fir breeding and genomics16/06/2018SWP-T058SWP-T058 (668.89 Kb)
Douglas-fir breeding and genomics aligned SSIF24/11/2017SWP-WP057
Douglas-fir Breeding Plan22/07/2016SWP-WP002
Douglas-fir breeding trials24/11/2017SWP-WP054
Douglas-fir breeding- Measuring wood stiffness at Gowan Hill28/06/2018SWP-FN060
Douglas-fir breeding: Grafts and trial assessment02/11/2020SWP-WP122
Douglas-fir central North Island growth model01/01/1990 SGM017SGM017 (4.74 Mb)
Douglas-fir CLT shear walls02/11/2020SWP-WP123
Douglas-Fir Optimised Engineered Lumber (OEL) Trial01/07/2016SWP-T007SWP-T007 (976.34 Kb)
Douglas-fir planting in the Long Mile breeding archive28/09/2018SWP-FN065
Douglas-fir Regional Processing Strategy Part 325/12/2020SWP-T117SWP-T117 (869.60 Kb)
Douglas-fir screening for Swiss Needle Cast using a genomic prediction model18/04/2019SWP-WP079
Douglas-fir screening for Swiss Needle Cast using a genomic prediction model18/04/2019SWP-WP091
Down Hill Extraction with a D5H Grapple Tracked Skidder01/01/1992V-17-03web_REP-V17-3-1992 (1.21 Mb)
DRAFT GCFF workplan 2015_2016 as of 2015_03_1720/04/201507
DRAFT Manuscript – Integrating broadband satellite and narrowband UAV multispectral imagery to improve physiological stress detection in forest trees07/02/2018GCFFQ2-03
Draft Milestone and Work Plan Year 221/08/201506
Draft paper Dash et al 2016 SamplingError_Paper20/07/201605
Draft paper Legg Bradley 2016 AcousticTOFMethods20/07/201606
Draft paper Pont et al LiDARCorrelations 2016_06_2020/07/201607
Draft paper Pont et al LiDARParameters_2016_06_2020/07/201608
Draft paper Romagnoli etal 2016 Wood quality Climatic events20/07/201609
Drag Builder Optimises Payloads01/01/1999 TN-51web_TN-51 (178.43 Kb)
Dropline Carriage on Madill 07101/01/1990V-15-07web_REP-V15-7-1990 (1.20 Mb)
Drying Eucalyptus nitens: Screening for checking and collapse25/10/2016SWP-WP015
Drying Eucalyptus nitens: Screening for checking and collapse30/06/2017SWP-T022SWP-T022 (2.03 Mb)
Drying Logs in the Forest01/01/1981V-06-02web_REP-V6-2-1981 (800.01 Kb)
Drying of DF clearwood01/05/1994DF007DF007 (318.54 Kb)
Drylands and Vineyard Posts – Video18/10/2017AC2017-2626 Durable Eucalypt Vineyard Posts_P Millen (1.15 Mb)
Durability Testing of Locally Grown Cypress Species19/03/2011DSTN-023DSTN-023 (713.85 Kb)
Durability testing of various plantation grown Eucalyptus and other species25/07/2016SWP-WP012
Durable eucalypt forests – a multi-regional opportunity for investment in NZ drylands26/06/2018SWP-FJ001SWP-FJ001 (549.33 Kb)
Durable eucalypt species research – establishing new demo trials – propagation of planting stock22/12/2017SWP-FN044
Durable eucalyptus peeling trial24/12/2017SWP-WP051
Dyform Wire Rope Trials01/01/1983V-08-02web_REP-V8-2-1983 (588.30 Kb)
E nitens Optimised Engineered Lumber (OELTM) Trial21/05/2017SWP-T014SWP-T014 (1.14 Mb)
E-fastigata Mai Sawlog NZTM12/07/2013Mape-fastigata_mai_sawlog_NZTM (5.35 Mb)
E. bosistoana 2009 breeding population growth and form assessment at Martins, Nth Canterbury.26/03/2018SWP-FN050
E. bosistoana 2010 breeding population growth and form assessment at age 6 for elite tree selection21/05/2017SWP-FN021
E. globoidea NIR calibration sample collection13/03/2017SWP-FN018
E. globoidea Pre-Harvest Stand Assessment04/11/2018SWP-FN071
E. globoidea selections for the establishment of a grafted seed orchard26/03/2018SWP-FN048
E. globoidea wood sampling at Atkinson’s, Wairarapa20/03/2019SWP-FN075
E. nitens nelder growth data summary and comparison with sample plot data08/04/2017ME010Manage Eucalypts Coop 10 (4.45 Mb)
E. regnans regime trial summary of growth from age 4-1208/04/2017ME011Manage Eucalypts Coop 11 (5.70 Mb)
E.bosistoana Breeding Population Cravens DF0152_01Bos1031/01/2017SWP-FN017
E.bosistoana Breeding Population Wood Sampling Cravens21/06/2017SWP-FN022
E.bosistoana Breeding Population Wood Sampling Cravens and Martins11/07/2017SWP-FN022