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Management of Logging Slash in Streams01/01/1999PR85PR 85 (5.51 Mb)
Linking Log Caliper Information to a Sawing Simulator01/01/1999PR84PR 84 (1.16 Mb)
International Benchmarking Transport01/01/1999PR83PR 83 (1.23 Mb)
The Application of Individual Log Identification (ILID)01/01/1999PR82PR 82 (870.17 Kb)
High Frequency Radar for Detection of Stem Attributes01/01/1999PR81PR 81 (2.29 Mb)
Log Sorting Using Acoustics Technology – Applications and Limitations01/01/1999PR80PR 80 (2.84 Mb)
Improved Log Trailer Design01/01/1999PR79PR 79 (2.85 Mb)
Log Supply Chain Audit01/01/1999PR78PR 78 (953.71 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Injuries 199814/01/1999V-24-14web_REP-V24-14-1999 (1.26 Mb)
Colour Blindness in the New Zealand Forest Industry24/01/1999V-24-13web_REP-V24-13-1999 (969.34 Kb)
Validation of a model to predict canopy closure for Radiata Pine11/03/1999PM062REP62 (1.82 Mb)
“Validation and improvement of models to predict “”Diameter-over-stubs””11/03/1999PM061REP61 (3.73 Mb)
Effect of Log making on Production of Stem Wood Residue at Landings04/05/1999V-24-04web_REP-V24-4-1999 (672.49 Kb)
Evaluation of the growth and root morphology of containerised cuttings produced by FORENZA11/05/1999PM060REP60 (2.76 Mb)
The Morgan SX 70 Series Hydrostatic Skidders24/05/1999V-24-05web_REP-V24-5-1999 (696.59 Kb)
Lateral root growth of Pinus radiata adjacent to developed pastures11/06/1999PM064REP64 (1.14 Mb)
Rehabilitation of Logging Extraction Tracks24/06/1999V-24-06web_REP-V24-6-1999 (1.29 Mb)
Golden Downs Site Preparation Trial- Growth results After 6 Years24/07/1999V-24-07web_REP-V24-7-1999 (896.49 Kb)
Micro-Site Effects on Early Tree Growth24/08/1999V-24-08web_REP-V24-8-1999 (1.01 Mb)
Logging Residue Distribution24/09/1999V-24-09web_REP-V24-9-1999 (1.37 Mb)
Plantation design guidelines (Fire management)01/10/1999Forest Owners Conferencefoaconf1999 (2.63 Mb)
The Forest Silviculture Accident Report Scheme- Summary of Reports 199825/10/1999V-24-10web_REP-V24-10-1999 (1.15 Mb)
“The effects of shelterbelts on pasture and soil parameters at Poukawa Research Station, Hawkes Bay “11/11/1999PM067REP67 (1.84 Mb)
A 3-point stem volume and taper equation for Radiata Pine11/11/1999PM066REP66 (2.60 Mb)
Study into the influence of genetic improvement on second log branching of Radiata Pine11/11/1999PM065REP65 (1.44 Mb)
Using Video to Improve Sweep Recognition in Mechanised Processing24/11/1999V-24-11web_REP-24-11-1999 (1.34 Mb)
Reading Comprehension levels in the New Zealand Forest Industry24/12/1999V-24-12web_REP-V24-12-1999 (1.68 Mb)
Behaviour and some impacts of a large wildfire in the Gnangara martime pine (Pinus pinaster) plantation, Western Australia (Case study, fuel dynamics, fire behaviour)01/01/2000Burrowsburrows2 (671.96 Kb)
Expanding MARVL branch codes to provide a more complete description of the tree crown01/01/2000SGM094SGM094 (2.59 Mb)
Suitability of PHOTOMARVL for measuring crown structure01/01/2000SGM093SGM093 (5.12 Mb)
Establishment report for the 1991 silviculture/ breed trials01/01/2000 SGM084SGM084 (3.55 Mb)
Establishment report for the 1990 silviculture/ breed trials01/01/2000SGM083SGM083 (3.76 Mb)
Validation of the individual-tree growth model (ITGM)01/01/2000SGM079SGM079 (6.63 Mb)
Potential Biomass Resource Contained in Pre-commercial and Production Thinnings Residues01/01/2000 TN-56web_TN-56 (620.85 Kb)
Effect of in-forest drying on cost of Transporting Forest Arisings as Bio-Energy01/01/2000 TN-55web_TN-55 (632.98 Kb)
Effects of the VH-Mulcher on Early Tree Growth01/01/2000TN-54web_TN-54 (324.18 Kb)
Skid Site Rehabilitation- Tree Growth Trials Resulting Up to age 701/01/2000V-25-01web_REP-V25-1-2000 (1.33 Mb)
An Extended Evaluation of the Computer Interface in the Waratah 234 Harvesting Machine01/01/2000PR92PR 92 (2.22 Mb)
A Selection Procedure for Operators of the Waratah 234 Harvesting Machine01/01/2000PR91PR 91 (3.38 Mb)
Effectiveness of Vegetation and Riparian Buffers in Reducing Sediment Transport: A Review01/01/2000PR90PR 90 (1.90 Mb)
Causal Factors in Heavy Vehicle Accidents: A Review01/01/2000PR89PR 89 (3.07 Mb)
Investigation into the Effects of Using a Harness during Manual Pruning Operations01/01/2000PR88PR 88 (2.19 Mb)
A Task Analysis of Mechanical Tree Harvesting to Identify Aptitudes Necessary to do the Job01/01/2000PR87PR 87 (1.93 Mb)
An Evaluation of the Human Computer Interface in the Waratah 234 Harvesting Machine01/01/2000PR86PR 86 (2.98 Mb)
Frost damage in Douglas-fir provenances at age two years at Waipori forest (Dunedin)01/02/2000DF026D_firReport26 (186.76 Kb)
Trial establishment report of 1999 farm field test of Douglas fir production population candidates.01/02/2000DF027D_firReport27 (224.32 Kb)
Effects of Removing Logging Residue for Bio-Energy on some Potential Available Cutover Nutrients01/02/2000V-25-02web_REP-V25-2-2000 (838.22 Kb)
Attracting and retaining a Skilled Workforce01/03/2000V-25-03web_REP-V25-3-2000 (1.15 Mb)
Characteristics of Safety Successful Logging Contractors01/04/2000V-25-04web_REP-V25-4-2000 (1.40 Mb)
Effects of Storage on Fuel Parameters of Piled and Communited Logging Residues01/05/2000V-25-05web_REP-V25-5-2000 (3.41 Mb)