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A new mortality function for New Zealand Radiata Pine11/05/2007PM105PMCoop_Report105 (2.86 Mb)
A New Web-based Calculator for E.fastigata23/10/2013DSTN-027DSTN-027 (574.22 Kb)
A Piece Counter for Monitoring Production01/01/2009HTN01-03HTN01-03 (298.30 Kb)
A Playrole Program for Logging Contractors01/01/1987 TR-V-09-03web_TN-V9-3 (708.78 Kb)
A population-genomic and taxonomic study of Eucalyptus argophloia and E. bosistoana.02/12/2019SWP-T089SWP-T089 (1.44 Mb)
A Portable Winch for Bunching Wood01/01/1987 V-12-03web_REP-V12-3-1987 (938.76 Kb)
A Portable Winch for Pulling Skidder Winch Rope Uphill01/01/1984 V-09-04web_REP-V9-5-1984 (2.53 Mb)
A preliminary analysis of potential for development of genetic gain modifiers for stem straightness11/05/1997PM038REP38 (1.24 Mb)
A Preliminary Description of Logging Road Construction Practises for Unstable Soils Used in the U.S. Northwest10/01/1987PR31PR 31 (5.78 Mb)
A Procedure for Analysising Double Lane Versus Single Lane Roads01/01/1988 TR-V-10-02web_TN-V10-2 (295.12 Kb)
A Project to Investigate the Use of Wide Tyres on a Skidder in New Zealand09/01/1989PR45PR 45 (10.93 Mb)
A regional approach to matching specialty timber species to sites06/03/2017SWP-T019SWP-T019 (651.84 Kb)
A research plan describing how the hypothesis explaining radial variation in wood properties will be tested20/09/2020RFP-FN006
A Review of Resin Features in Radiata Pine16/02/201101A Review of Resin Feastures in Radiata Pine (1.81 Mb)
A review of the Plantation Management Research Cooperative trials and PSP’s11/04/2017PM102PMCoop_Report102 (313.70 Kb)
A revised breeding strategy for Douglas fir in New Zealand01/08/2004DF039Coopreport39Revisedbreedingstrategy (263.06 Kb)
A Selection Procedure for Operators of the Waratah 234 Harvesting Machine01/01/2000PR91PR 91 (3.38 Mb)
A Slip Erosion Risk Model of Two Coastal Hill Country Catchments01/01/1996PR59PR 59 (1.25 Mb)
A Steep Slope Excavator Feller Buncher20/11/2010HTN03-02HTN03-02 (886.15 Kb)
A stool-plant management system for the production of non-plagiotropic cuttings of Douglas fir01/02/2003DF030D_firReport30 (705.19 Kb)
A strategic plan for new and existing silvicultural trials11/11/1996PM035REP35 (1.27 Mb)
A strategy for efficient selection and evaluation of “designer breeds”11/11/1995PM015REP15 (1.71 Mb)
A strategy for efficient selection and evaluation of designer breeds01/01/1995SGM042SGM042 (1.74 Mb)
A strategy for the NZ cypress industry_workshop summary_next steps13/11/2020SWP-T112SWP-T112 (744.65 Kb)
A Structured Approach for Visualisations of Indicators29/06/2012ESTN-023ESTN-023 (817.11 Kb)
A Study of Breakout Forces in Cable Logging31/07/2017HTN09-06HTN09-06 (521.07 Kb)
A Study of Land Activities in PNW Swing Yarder Operations01/01/1989V-14-21web_REP-V14-21-1989 (1.64 Mb)
A Study of Log Length and Tree Length Extraction Using a Washington 88 Hauler09/01/1988PR34PR 34 (1.48 Mb)
A Study of the Psychological Climate of the Logging Industry01/01/1998PR72PR 72 (5.60 Mb)
A Study Tour of Cable Logging Operations in the Pacific Northwest09/01/1990PR49PR 49 (3.50 Mb)
A Survey Method for Assessing Site Disturbance01/01/1995PR54PR 54 (995.13 Kb)
A Survey of Decision Making in Forest Growing01/11/2008R002R002 (500.94 Kb)
A Survey of Ground-based Harvesting Systems in New Zealand19/02/2020HTN12-04HTN12-04 (685.75 Kb)
A Survey of North Island Woodlot Logging Contractors01/01/1997PR65PR 65 (7.47 Mb)
A Survey of the Logging Industry01/01/1985A Survey of the Logging Industryweb_REP-V10-12-1985 (716.23 Kb)
A Survey of the Logging Industry- 199101/01/1993V-18-01web_REP-V18-1-1993 (1.46 Mb)
A Survey of the Quality of Mechanised Log Making in New Zealand01/01/1995V-20-06web_REP-V20-6-1995 (917.92 Kb)
A Swivelling and Self Levelling Forestry Machine Cab01/01/1996 TN-29web_TN-29 (394.54 Kb)
A System to Generate Pinus radiata09/10/2013R034R034 (618.75 Kb)
A Tale of Two Enemies : Will the introduction of a generalist predator improve or disrupt biological control? (Paper)01/01/2006BO-1010 (109.94 Kb)
A Tale of Two Enemies : Will the introduction of a generalist predator improve or disrupt biological control? (Poster)01/01/2006BO-0909 (707.47 Kb)
A Task Analysis of Mechanical Tree Harvesting to Identify Aptitudes Necessary to do the Job01/01/2000PR87PR 87 (1.93 Mb)
A Technique for non-damaging measurement of Sound Speed in Seedlings01/09/2009R045R045 (1.50 Mb)
A User’s guide to the Douglas fir calculator01/02/2003DF029D_firReport29 (386.46 Kb)
A validation of the 300 index growth model11/06/2006PM098PMCoop_Report98 (641.57 Kb)
A volume and taper equation for New Zealand grown E. nitens08/04/2017ME009Manage Eucalypts Coop 9 (2.34 Mb)
A volume and taper equation for New Zealand grown E. saligna08/04/2017ME008Manage Eucalypts Coop 8 (2.22 Mb)
A Woodlot Analysis Tool – Designed and Initial Testing09/03/2020HTN12-05HTN12-05 (486.59 Kb)
Above Ground Durability Trials of Thermally Modified C. lusitanica and Douglas-fir02/11/2020SWP-WP141
Absenteeism and Turnover Amongst Logging Crews01/01/1990V-15-11web_REP-V15-11-1990 (1.27 Mb)