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Absenteeism in the Logging Industry (A Pilot Study)01/01/1988V-13-24web_REP-V13-24-1988 (444.03 Kb)
Abstract Pont et al 2016 Abstract LiDAR Correlations12/04/201605
Accuracy of GPS for Updating Forest Maps: The Marlborough Sound Experience01/01/1994V-19-13web_REP-V19-13-1994 (1.25 Mb)
Accurate Tree Counting From Images – Finally a Reality?03/07/2013RTN-013RTN-013 (436.50 Kb)
Addendum to SW-FN020. 2018 Flowering assessment of Cravens Road and Martins 2010 E. bosistoana breeding population flowering assessment.26/03/2018SWP-FN052
Adding Value to New Zealand Forests29/08/2010ES008ES008 (792.94 Kb)
Adding Winches to Hydraulic Excavators- Roller Crushing01/01/1993 TN-11web_TN-11 (384.89 Kb)
Additional economic modelling of regional LVL value chain E. bosistoana Growth Model Validation for NZDFI Strategy18/01/2020SWP-FN096
Adjusting Branch Cluster Frequency for Genotype in the Branch Model BLOSSIM03/07/2013R044R044 (802.43 Kb)
Adjuvant stability tests with Phosphorous acid formulations – PPC report05/10/2015ND-T009ND-T009 (4.08 Mb)
Adoption of New Road Management Technology25/07/2018H033H033 (1.37 Mb)
Advanced Hauler Vision System: A Feasibility Study11/07/2011H006H006 (1.46 Mb)
Advanced Use of LiDAR Position Report12/06/2011RTN-007RTN-007 (293.77 Kb)
Advertise for PhD student25/10/2018SWP-FN069
Advertising a PhD project focused on durability of eucalypts10/11/2020SWP-FN106
Aerial fire suppression research – 200801/02/20081818 AerialSuppposter (814.94 Kb)
After Dark Logging with Alpine Grapple Carriage12/11/2014HTN07-02HTN07-02 (720.92 Kb)
Age 10 year growth and form assessment of E. bositoana at Lawsons02/12/2019SWP-FN093
Age 8 year growth and form assessment DF0369_01Bos12 Ngaumu08/12/2019SWP-FN095
Agenda for Biosecurity Meeting – 27th August 201521/08/201501
Agenda for Q1 14 October 2014 TC Meeting08/10/201401
Air Curtain Destructor- Log Yard Incineration Trial01/01/1999 TN-49web_TN-49 (306.98 Kb)
Alpine Grapple Carriage – From Prototype to Production02/10/2014HTN06-09HTN06-09 (658.45 Kb)
Altering Nursery Management Improves Field Performance07/11/2013RSPTN-036RSPTN-036 (579.75 Kb)
Alternative Log Marking Systems01/01/1992V-17-05web_REP-V17-5-1992 (1011.22 Kb)
Alternative Power Sources for Cable Yarders07/01/2014HTN06-04HTN06-04 (472.77 Kb)
Alternative Species Site Mapping Review and Analysis01/07/2016SWP-T004SWP-T004 (3.81 Mb)
An Alternative Cable System: Self-propelled Carriages01/01/1998 TN-46web_TN-46 (554.92 Kb)
An Analysis of Chainsaw Lacerations to the Leg in the New Zealand Logging Industry- 1983 to 199601/01/1998V-23-13web_REP-V23-13-1998 (1.36 Mb)
An approach to quantify natural durability of Eucalyptus bosistoana by near infrared spectroscopy for genetic selection03/11/2020SWP PW05
An approach to quantify natural durability of Eucalyptus bosistoana by near infrared spectroscopy for genetic selection08/12/2020SWP-PW-05SWP PW-05 (2.72 Mb)
An assessment of stand and tree quality at low pruning comparing aged cuttings with seedlings11/11/1998PM055REP55 (1.76 Mb)
An assessment of Swiss Needle Cast on a Douglas fir provenance and progeny trial at age seven years01/02/2004DF038Coopreport38SNCassessment (228.47 Kb)
An assessment of UAV laser scanning and photogrammetric point clouds for the measurement of young forestry trials22/06/2019GCFF TN-028GCFF-TN028 (822.64 Kb)
An Ergonomic Comparison of Manual and Chainsaw Ladder Pruning01/01/1996V-21-31web_REP-V21-31-1996 (1.10 Mb)
An Ergonomic Investigation of Hauler Breaker-outs01/01/1995PR55PR 55 (2.18 Mb)
An Evaluation of a ClimbMAX Steep Slope Harvester in Maungataniwha Forest01/09/2014H013H013 (665.15 Kb)
An Evaluation of a Hydraulic Knuckle boom Loader in a High Production/Multiple Log Sort Operation09/01/1989PR47PR 47 (1.98 Mb)
An Evaluation of a Waratah HTH Model 234 Felling and Tree Length Delimbering in Radiata Pine Clearfell01/01/1995V-20-02web_REP-V20-2-1995 (1.81 Mb)
An Evaluation of a Waratah Model HTH 234 Harvesting in a Cable Hauler Operation01/01/1994V-19-05web_REP-V19-5-1994 (1.58 Mb)
An Evaluation of Four Streamside Felling Techniques Used in Ground Based Operations01/01/1997V-22-13web_REP-V22-13-1997 (1.14 Mb)
An evaluation of poplar on New Zealand hill country11/11/1998PM054REP54 (7.34 Mb)
An evaluation of the accuracy of the Auckland Clays growth model with fertiliser effect29/08/1987SM003SMC_003 (1.09 Mb)
An Evaluation of the Human Computer Interface in the Waratah 234 Harvesting Machine01/01/2000PR86PR 86 (2.98 Mb)
An Evaluation of the MultDAT (Senior-model) Datalogger01/03/2009H001H001 (799.71 Kb)
An Evaluation of the MultDAT (Senior-model) Datalogger03/01/2009H001H001 (799.71 Kb)
An evaluation of the relationships between DF growth, foliar nutrition and site variables in a series of permanent sample plots in Otage/Southland01/02/1997DF022DF022 (5.08 Mb)
An Evaluation of Two Hahn Harvesters Working in Clearfell Cable Operations01/01/1995V-20-09web_REP-V20-9-1995 (1.18 Mb)
An examination of the validity of three Douglas-fir growth models01/01/1995 SGM041SGM041 (6.15 Mb)
An Excavation/Static Delimbering Combination01/01/1995V-20-19web_REP-V20-19-1995 (1.20 Mb)