Report Name Published Report Download
Prescribed burning in exotic pine plantation – operations manual (Prescribed burn, surface fire)10/10/1981Forestry Department Queenslandfireqld1981 (6.02 Mb)
Log Loaders – Criteria for Machine Selection and Application03/01/1981PR15PR 15 (2.99 Mb)
Tactical Planning Seminar Proceedings03/01/1981PR16PR 16 (7.94 Mb)
Bunching to Increase Skidder Productivity01/01/1981 TR-V-03-01web_TN-V3-1 (751.40 Kb)
Wire Rope Splicing Methods01/01/1981TR-V-03-02web_TN-V3-2 (784.22 Kb)
Hitachi Feller Buncher Trial01/01/1981TR-V-03-03web_TN-V3-3 (759.10 Kb)
Double Drum Winches in Thinnings01/01/1981V-06-01web_REP-V6-1-1981 (812.77 Kb)
Drying Logs in the Forest01/01/1981V-06-02web_REP-V6-2-1981 (800.01 Kb)
Criteria for Protecting Clothing for Chainsaw Operations01/01/1981 V-06-03web_REP-V6-3-1981 (698.47 Kb)
Steep Country Thinning Systems01/01/1981 V-06-04web_REP-V6-4-1981 (698.10 Kb)
Tarawera Pilot Scheme01/01/1981V-06-05web_REP-V6-5-1981 (773.81 Kb)
Log Preparation for Helicopter Extraction01/01/1981V-06-06web_REP-V6-6-1981 (874.21 Kb)
Modification of Agricultural Tractors for Logging01/01/1981 V-06-07web_REP-V6-7-1981 (661.75 Kb)
A low intensity prescribed burning operation in a thinned radiata pine plantation(Fire behaviour, fire effects)01/10/1980Billingbilling3 (1.40 Mb)
Log Truck Axle Layouts – (An Economic Comparison of 5-axle and 6-axle Layouts)03/01/1980PR10PR 10 (3.45 Mb)
Survey of New Zealand Logging Work Force03/01/1980PR11PR 11 (3.22 Mb)
On Modelling the NZ Logging Industry to Study Factors Affecting its Operational Efficiency03/01/1980PR12PR 12 (1.43 Mb)
Smallwood Harvesting Seminar Proceedings03/01/1980PR13PR 13 (8.91 Mb)
Development of Safe Felling and Delimbing Techniques with Chainsaws03/01/1980PR14PR 14 (1.75 Mb)
Thinning Steep Country Using Plastic Chutes01/01/1980 TR-V-02-01web_TN-V2-1 (816.94 Kb)
Helicopter Logging Trial in Second Crop Kauri Forest01/01/1980TR-V-02-02web_TN-V2-2 (878.17 Kb)
Chainsaw Testing and Selection01/01/1980TR-V-02-03web_TN-V2-3 (941.04 Kb)
Selective Logging Trial of FMC in Indigenous Forest01/01/1980TR-V-02-04web_TN-V2-4 (873.08 Kb)
Factors Effecting Log Truck Travel Speed01/01/1980V-05-01web_REP-V5-1-1980 (837.86 Kb)
Fuel for Logging in New Zealand01/01/1980V-05-02web_REP-V5-2-1980 (724.80 Kb)
A Look at Polypropylene Strops01/01/1980 V-05-03web_REP-V5-3-1980 (826.73 Kb)
Insurance for a Logging Business01/01/1980 V-05-04web_REP-V5-4-1980 (806.85 Kb)
Loader Selection and Application01/01/1980 V-05-05web_REP-V5-5-1980 (737.94 Kb)
Crushing the thinning slash problem (fuel load, fuel manipulations)01/01/1980Burrowsburrows6 (1.40 Mb)
Quantifying Pinus radiata slash fuels (Fuel load, fuel treatment, fuel inventory)01/01/1980Burrowsburrows7 (349.48 Kb)
Prescribed burning in Queensland exotic pine plantations (Fuel moisture, fuel structure, prescribed burn, fire effects)01/01/1980Byrnebyrne2a (7.56 Mb)
Log Transport and Loading Seminar Proceedings03/01/1979PR08PR 8 (6.66 Mb)
Northwest – North American Study Tour03/01/1979PR09PR 9 (3.43 Mb)
Injuries and Deaths in Forestry- ANZ Experience01/01/1979 TR-V-01-01web_TN-V1-1 (680.67 Kb)
Helicopter Logging in Young Crop Radiata Pine01/01/1979 TR-V-01-02web_TN-V1-2 (360.54 Kb)
Short-Pulp Extraction with a Smaller Hauler01/01/1979TR-V-01-03web_TN-V1-3 (327.82 Kb)
A New Cable Log Concept for Thinning01/01/1979TR-V-01-04web_TN-V10-4 (1.34 Mb)
The Felling Bench01/01/1979 TR-V-01-05web_TN-V1-5 (818.39 Kb)
Thinning Systems in Sweden01/01/1979TR-V-01-06web_TN-V1-6 (328.65 Kb)
Short-Pulp Extraction with a Smaller Hauler ( A Further Trial)01/01/1979 V-01-03web_REP-V1-3-1979 (1.78 Mb)
Taxation: Non Taxable Costs for Contractors01/01/1979 V-04-01web_REP-V4-1-1979 (1.74 Mb)
Rubber Tyre Front End Loader Application01/01/1979 V-04-02web_REP-V4-2-1979 (909.59 Kb)
Cable Logging Equipment Data01/01/1979V-04-03web_REP-V4-3-1979 (233.76 Kb)
Intermediate Supports01/01/1979 V-04-04web_REP-V4-4-1979 (831.52 Kb)
The Logger and the Law01/01/1979 V-04-05web_REP-V4-5-1979 (904.58 Kb)
Loggings Labour Force01/01/1979V-04-06web_REP-V4-6-1979 (819.55 Kb)
Axle Space and Road Wear01/01/1979 V-04-08web_REP-V4-8-1979 (774.42 Kb)
Strengthening Logging Roads01/01/1979 V-04-09web_REP-V4-9-1979 (793.81 Kb)
Log Truck Axle Layouts01/01/1979V-04-10web_REP-V4-10-1979 (722.79 Kb)
Reducing Log Truck Delays01/01/1979 V-04-11web_REP-V4-11-1979 (644.15 Kb)