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Coring NZRC E. quadrangulata 2016 breeding population01/03/2022SWP-FN134
NZDFI Regional Extension Work Programme: virtual workshop summary – ‘Developing a sustainable hardwood industry in Marlborough’01/03/2022SWP-FN135
Heartwood screening of selected cypress clones and hybrids.01/03/2022SWP-FN136
Assessment of NZDFI’s 2011 Eucalyptus quadrangulata breeding populations01/03/2022SWP-T144SWP-T144 (1.20 Mb)
Reducing the germination period, with and without a cool storage option, of Pinus radiata (Scion) and Pinus sylvestris (LUKE) somatic embryos01/03/2022TCP-T011TCP-T011 (2.26 Mb)
SWP Programme Update – March 202202/03/2022SWP-TU12SWP-TU12 (509.47 Kb)
Updated SOP for the set-up and handling of temporary immersion bioreactors19/03/2022TCP-FN016
Assessment of 2012 E. bosistoana Breeding Population at McNeill property, Hawkes Bay01/04/2022SWP-FN137
Assessment of 2016 E. quadrangulata Breeding Population at Bradshaw property, Marlborough01/04/2022SWP-FN138
SWP TST Meeting Papers – 21 April 202221/04/2022SWP Q3 2021_22
Extending alternative species classification to East Coast Region01/05/2022SWP-WP155
TCP TST Meeting Papers – 24 May 202219/05/2022TCP Q 3
Using NIR to Predict Sawn Timber Quality in E. nitens30/05/2022SWP-T145SWP-T145 (602.59 Kb)
Using NIR to Predict Wood Shrinkage and Cellulose Content in Eucalyptus Nitens30/05/2022SWP-T146SWP-T146 (782.82 Kb)
Eucalyptus resistance to paropsine beetles10/06/2022SWP-T140SWP-T140 Eucalyptus resistance to paropsine beetles_G3 (2.51 Mb)
SWP Work Plan – NZDFI PSP Data Analysis21/06/2022SWP-WP166
SWP Programme Update – June 202221/06/2022SWP-TU13SWP-TU13 (148.59 Kb)
Decay rate of Cypress stakes after one year’s exposure at the Whakarewarewa test site07/07/2022SWP-T147SWP-T147 (657.47 Kb)
Interim fungus cellar results07/07/2022SWP-FN139
Nursery survey07/07/2022SWP-FN140
HB inventory strategy – stage 3 (WP155) M1 & 2 update07/07/2022SWP-FN141
Ongoing assessment of Scion durability tests07/07/2022SWP-WP165
Densification of Eucalyptus nitens and E. fastigata08/07/2022SWP-T148SWP-T148 (402.39 Kb)
Funding Proposal Template 2023-Updated closing date September 16th 202220/07/2022FundingProposal2023Funding Proposal Template 2023 (75.04 Kb)
Forestry Species to Fill Speciality Applications28/07/2022SWP-T139SWP-T139 (2.91 Mb)
Genetic variation in wood properties of mid-rotation age Eucalyptus globoidea22/08/2022SWP PW-10SWP PW-10 (841.02 Kb)
Developing fully compatible taper and volume equations for all stem components of Eucalyptus globoidea Blakely trees in New Zealand22/08/2022SWP PW-11SWP PW-11 (1.71 Mb)
SWP Programme Update – July 202222/08/2022SWP-TU14SWP-TU14 (381.27 Kb)
Comparative phenology of Paropsisterna cloelia and Paropsis charybdis in Marlborough22/08/2022SWP-T149SWP-T149 (1.80 Mb)
Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2021/2222/08/2022SWP-T151SWP-T151 Technical Report 1.11.10 to SWP on aligned FP research 2022 (793.35 Kb)
The decay resistance of six Eucalyptus species after six years exposure22/08/2022SWP-T150SWP-T150 (1.13 Mb)
Changes in heartwood development for Cypress clones over time22/08/2022SWP-FN142
Methanol extraction from a range of cypress clonal material22/08/2022SWP-FN143
H046 – Stress and the New Zealand Forest Industry Workforce29/08/2022H046H046 (562.54 Kb)
H047 – Harvesting Automation Value Chain Modelling29/08/2022H047 H047 (868.94 Kb)
H053 Understanding the Machine Operator’s Experience of Stress29/08/2022H053H053 (594.30 Kb)