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Running Skylines01/01/1978 V-03-10web_REP-V3-10-1978 (482.35 Kb)
Gravity Return Skylines01/01/1978 V-03-11web_REP-V3-11-1978 (645.40 Kb)
Gravity Extraction of Thinnings01/01/1978 V-03-12web_REP-V3-12-1978 (604.98 Kb)
Fuel properties before and after thinning in young radiata pine plantations (Fuel complex structure, fuel treatment)01/01/1978Williamswilliams1978 (1.00 Mb)
Plantation Fires (case study, fire behaviour)01/01/1978Woods and Forests SAwoodsforestssa1978 (2.16 Mb)
The Business of Logging and Log Transportation Seminar Proceedings10/01/1977PR03PR 3 (1.68 Mb)
Chainsaws – A Criteria for Selection01/01/1977PR01PR 1 (2.39 Mb)
Delimbing Studies01/01/1977PR04PR 4 (3.97 Mb)
An Interfirm Comparison of Logging Firms01/01/1977 V-02-01web_REP-V2-1-1977 (229.02 Kb)
Log Transport Weighbridge Survey No. 101/01/1977 V-02-02web_REP-V2-2-1977 (280.74 Kb)
Log Transport Weighbridge Survey No. 201/01/1977V-02-03web_REP-V2-3-1977 (237.69 Kb)
Protection Logging Case Study 301/01/1977 V-02-04web_REP-V2-4-1977 (433.74 Kb)
Protection Logging Case Study 101/01/1976 V-01-01web_REP-V1-1-1976 (738.47 Kb)
Prescribed burning guide Mk III (Slash pine plantation) (Prescribed burn, surface fire)01/01/1976Forestry Department Queenslandfireqld1976 (1.27 Mb)
Forest fuels in unthinned radiata pine stands (Fuel dynamics, fuel management)01/01/1976Williamswilliams1976 (436.10 Kb)
Fire protection of industrial plantations, Zambia (Fire management)01/01/1974Cheneycheney4 (7.02 Mb)
Initial attack on fire in the south east plantations (Fire suppression)01/01/1974Douglasdouglas1 (604.51 Kb)
Some characteristics of major fires in coniferous plantations (Fire behaviour, fuel dynamics)01/01/1974Douglasdouglas2 (356.71 Kb)
Organic matter changes in an age series of Pinus radiata plantations (Fuel load, canopy fuel)01/01/1974Forrestforrestovington1969 (2.39 Mb)
The effect of fire on Pinus pinaster plantations (Prescribed burn, surface fire)01/01/1974Hatchhatch1965 (205.05 Kb)
The Wandilo Fire, 5 April 1958: Fire behaviour and associated meteorological and fuel conditions (Case study, crown fire, fire behaviour)01/01/1974McArthurmcarthurdouglasmitchell1966 (3.09 Mb)
The Cost of Landing Formation in Pumice and Clay Soils09/01/1971PR46PR 46 (1.37 Mb)
Grade recovery and conversion from a DF sawing study at Kaingaroa01/02/1970DF013DF013 (11.14 Mb)