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Aztec’s Safer Strategy for Log Truck Transport01/01/1999 TN-52web_TN-52 (278.31 Kb)
Back to Basics: Better ways to Manage Your Back to Reduce Injury01/01/1999V-24-01web_REP-V24-1-1999 (1.16 Mb)
Background information for the first steps towards improving the pulping of New Zealand08/04/2017EBC012Eucalypt Breed Coop 12_20080522181434 (3.14 Mb)
Bark Beetles & Wood Borers Research Reports Index14/08/2014BB-00Bark Beetles & Wood Borers Research Index (12.04 Kb)
Basal area and volume response of Pinus Radiata to applications of P fertiliser of varying solubility on sites displaying different degrees of P retention29/08/1988SM033SMC_033 (796.62 Kb)
Battery Culvert Crossings for Logging Roads01/01/1984 TR-V-06-10web_TN-V6-10 (617.24 Kb)
Behaviour and some impacts of a large wildfire in the Gnangara martime pine (Pinus pinaster) plantation, Western Australia (Case study, fuel dynamics, fire behaviour)01/01/2000Burrowsburrows2 (671.96 Kb)
Behaviour of Cleobora mellyi after Field Release : Effects of Prey Availability and Host Plant01/01/2005BO-1212 (143.91 Kb)
Bell Logger Extraction in Thinnings01/01/1985 V-10-06web_REP-V10-6-1985 (675.83 Kb)
Bellis BE60 Slackline Hauler01/01/1998V-23-01web_REP-V23-1-1998 (480.84 Kb)
Bellis BE85 Cable Hauler01/01/1997V-22-20web_REP-V22-20-1997 (550.36 Kb)
Bellis BE85- Machinery Evaluation01/01/1995V-20-24web_REP-V20-24-1995 (824.06 Kb)
Benchmarking 2017 Update08/08/2018HTN10-02HTN10-02 (397.91 Kb)
Benchmarking 2019 update; with long-term productivity and cost analyses10/08/2020H045H045 (1.04 Mb)
Benchmarking Cost and Productivity – 2016 Data26/10/2017HTN09-08HTN09-08 (523.04 Kb)
Benchmarking Harvesting Cost and Productivity01/01/2009HTN02-06HTN02-06 (488.93 Kb)
Benchmarking study- Aupouri Forest01/10/2003SGMC WQI Report 2aSGM002a (228.66 Kb)
Benchmarking study- Golden Downs Forest01/02/2005SGMC WQI Report 2dSGM002d (323.39 Kb)
Benchmarking study- Mohaka Forest01/01/2004SGMC WQI Report 2cSGM002c (247.50 Kb)
Benchmarking study- Southland Forest01/12/2003 SGMC WQI Report 2eSGM002e (277.25 Kb)
Benchmarking to Improve Harvesting Cost and Productivity: 2011 Update13/02/2013HTN04-08HTN04-08 (1.45 Mb)
Benchmarking to Improve Harvesting Cost and Productivity: 2012 Update10/10/2013HTN05-13HTN05-13 (663.65 Kb)
Beneficial Organisms Research 2005-2011 Index14/08/2014BO-00Beneficial Organisms Research Index (301.61 Kb)
Benefits of Remote Tension Monitoring01/01/1993V-18-23web_REP-V18-23-1993 (2.28 Mb)
Benefits of the Dothistroma-resistant breed of Radiata Pine01/07/1989SMC012SMC012 (1.21 Mb)
Berwick FR127 end of rotation sampling update21/07/2017GCFF FN010
Best linear prediction of breeding values for stem diameter in a Pinus radiata improvement programme01/01/1995SGM043SGM043 (2.59 Mb)
Best practice harvester calibration01/10/2008CRC-2CRC-2 (102.93 Kb)
Better Log Making01/01/1986 TR-V-08-05web_TN-V8-5 (776.72 Kb)
Billo Road Fire Report (Case study, fire behaviour)01/01/2007Cruzcruz1 (5.26 Mb)
BIO Monthly Report January 201612/02/2016BIOQ2-03
Bio Protection Successes18/10/2017AC2017-1616 Bio Protection Successes (1.41 Mb)
BIO Q2 Report 201405/02/201506
BIO Q3 Report11/05/201501
BIO Q3 Report_Mar 201601/04/201603
Bio Q4 Report10/07/201503
BIO Quarter 2 Report_Dec 201512/02/2016BIOQ2-04
Bio Stimulants – Foliar Sprays – Video18/10/2017AC2017-1717 _ 18 Biostimulants and Foliar Sprays (2.58 Mb)
Bio-Protection Update Quarter 118/11/201402
Bioactivity of heartwood compounds20/06/2017SWP-WP026
Bioactivity of Heartwood Compounds17/06/2018SWP-T060SWP-T060 (2.94 Mb)
Biochemical Framework Integration Test18/04/2013R069R069 (1001.98 Kb)
Biomass recovery operations in New Zealand: a review of the review18/02/2020H041H041 (1.41 Mb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases and disorders of radiata pine Progress Report17/10/201402
Bioprotection for foliar diseases and disorders of radiata pine Quantitative PCR methods developed for LU633/584 LU633/584 primers tested on forest and controlled environment samples12/08/2015BIO-T004BIO-T004 (1.07 Mb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases and disorders of radiata pine: project update12/02/2015Bio
Bioprotection for foliar diseases ande disorders of radiata pine – Bioprotection Project Overview 2017 – June 201901/07/2019BIO-T022BIO-T022 (3.97 Mb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases ande disorders of radiata pine – Bioprotection Project Overview 2019 – June 202017/07/2020BIO-T023BIO-T023 (3.46 Mb)
BioProtection Q4 Report19/07/201604
Biosecurity Agenda for 30 Oct 201527/10/201501