SWP Programme Update – July 2019

SWP Programme Updates
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July 31, 2019
M Lausberg


Highlights after the 4th year of investing in speciality species included:

  • Douglas-fir CLT performed very well – can be used efficiently in mid-rise and high-rise timber buildings
  • Peeling of young (15 years-old) durable bosistoana showed very high stiffness values (16.6 GPa).
  • Mechanical testing of a range of young eucalypts (16 years-old) showed some had higher small clear bending strength and stiffness properties than the highest density radiata pine
  • Thermal modification reduced both the degree of swelling and the rate of swelling for Cupressus lusitanica and Eucalyptus nitens.

There is opportunity to breed for pest tolerance in naturally durable eucalypts and E. nitens and for stiffness in Douglas-fir.

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