FGR Annual Science Awards Nomination Form

 2019 Nomination Form

Note:  Nominations close Wednesday, 18th September 2019 at 4:30pm.



Research Award for Communication and Sector Engagement
Awarded to a researcher who:

  • Demonstrates understanding of industry needs through effective engagement with sector participants.
  • Has industry recognition for communicating research in clear and understandable way.
  • Has a track record of effective communication using a range of  methods
  • Is recognised for distilling complex science into simple messages with a focus on operational relevance.

Research Award for Innovation that Enhances Sector Value 
Awarded to a researcher who:

  • Produces research outcomes that have been implemented by industry and added measurable value.
  • Undertakes innovative research that is forward thinking and requires new and untried approaches.
  • Approaches all research with a commitment to adding value to the sector.

Research Award for Science of International Quality 
Awarded to a researcher who:

  • Undertakes innovative research that is forward thinking and requires new and untried approaches.
  • Encounters unforeseen difficulties that are overcome.
  • Delivers science of such quality that publication in highly regarded journals has occurred or is likely.
  • Produces research outcomes that create new knowledge/understanding that has potential to lead to step change.

Research Award for Research Participation and Implementation
Awarded to an employee or representative of an organisation who:

  • Actively participates in research programmes (TSC, Cluster Group and member meetings and other forums).
  • Demonstrates positive uptake of research results in the last 12 months demonstrated by implementation and promotion of benefits.
  • Is committed to supporting research programmes.

Research Award for Contribution to a Science Team
Awarded to a person who:

  • Participates actively in a research project team.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to team work ahead of self.
  • Delivers research of high quality that results in a successful team outcome.

Research Award for a Young Scientist

Awarded to a person who:

  • Demonstrates outstanding performance with potential to develop for a successful science career.
  • Show a willingness to engage with industry.
  • Communicates well and demonstrates passion in their work


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