Forestry Harvesting Machine Wins National Innovation Award

Wednesday 15, August 2012

Forestry Harvesting Machine Wins National Innovation Award A non-scientist has won a major forestry research award for his key role … Continue reading →

FFR 2011 Annual Science Report

Sunday 1, January 2012

2011 FFR Annual Science Report

Maps and Models Guide Forestry Growth

Friday 4, November 2011

Maps and modelling programs developed through Future Forests Research are showing forestry investors where to plant trees and forest managers … Continue reading →

The Inaugural Future Forests Research Awards

Thursday 18, August 2011

Four new science prizes have been awarded to researchers and technical specialists in the forestry industry. The inaugural Future Forests … Continue reading →

Industry-led Workshop hosted by FFR and Brightwater

Tuesday 24, May 2011

A recent industry-led workshop hosted by FFR and forestry equipment manufacturer Brightwater targeted increasing productivity and reducing costs of cable … Continue reading →

FFR 2010 Annual Science Report

Saturday 1, January 2011

2010 FFR Annual Science Report

NZ Institute Of Forestry Announces The 2010 Forester Of The Year

Thursday 17, June 2010

The New Zealand Institute of Forestry Inc (NZIF) Forester of the Year Award for 2010 was presented to Russell Dale … Continue reading →

FFR Welcomes Funding for Forest Harvesting Research

Wednesday 26, May 2010

The Government’s allocation of new Primary Growth Partnership funding to improve forest harvesting technology has huge potential to benefit the … Continue reading →

New Forest Management Techniques Needed to Capitalise on Growing Global Demand

Sunday 23, May 2010

The New Zealand forestry industry needs world-class forest management if the country is to gain maximum benefits from the growing … Continue reading →

FFR 2009 Annual Science Report

Friday 1, January 2010

2009 FFR Annual Science Report