Pre-2007 Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Reports Index Douglas fir Coop02/04/201700 Reports Index - Douglas Fir CoopDfirCoopReports0307 (48.27 Kb)
Effects of topographic position on growth and form of DF trees01/07/2006DF052DF052 (86.06 Kb)
Continuous cover forestry with Douglas fir01/02/2006DF051DF051 (255.38 Kb)
Eight year performance of provenances and New Zealand seed sources of Douglass fir on higher altitude sites in the South Island01/02/2006DF049DF049 (705.37 Kb)
Individual-tree-level growth models for Douglas fir in New Zealand01/02/2006DF045D_firReport45 (3.00 Mb)
Volume Functions for DF01/06/2005DF048D_firReport48 (3.43 Mb)
Comparison of the water absorbency of Douglas fir and Radiata Pine framing timber01/06/2005DF047Coopreport47Waterabsorbancy (237.90 Kb)
FR257 Douglas fir nutrition trial: Foliar nutrient levels and growth effects four years after fertilising01/02/2005DF046D_firReport46 (196.31 Kb)
Development of a productivity index for Douglas fir01/02/2005DF044Coopreport44ProdIndex (270.05 Kb)
Validation of the New Zealand Douglas fir growth model (DF NAT) using data from south west Germany01/02/2005DF043Coopreport43Germany (708.42 Kb)
Functions contained in the Douglas fir Calculator version two01/09/2004DF042Coopreport42Calculatorfunctions (225.12 Kb)
Application of the New Zealand Douglas fir silvicultural growth model (DF NAT) to data from the Pacific Northwest.01/09/2004DF041Coopreport41PNW (729.43 Kb)
Development of new stand-level height/age curves for Douglas fir in New Zealand01/09/2004DF040Coopreport40Ht-age (261.50 Kb)
A revised breeding strategy for Douglas fir in New Zealand01/08/2004DF039Coopreport39Revisedbreedingstrategy (263.06 Kb)
An assessment of Swiss Needle Cast on a Douglas fir provenance and progeny trial at age seven years01/02/2004DF038Coopreport38SNCassessment (228.47 Kb)
Estimating individual tree stiffness using small clears01/02/2004DF037Coopreport37Smallclears (350.33 Kb)
Comparative moisture uptake of New Zealand grown Douglas fir and Radiata pine structural timber when exposed to rain wetting01/02/2004DF036Coopreport36Rainwetting (218.50 Kb)
Evaluation of non-destructive methods for assessing stiffness of Douglas fir trees01/12/2003DF035D_firReport35 (349.36 Kb)
Modelling within-tree and between-tree variation in Douglas fir wood properties02/02/2003DF033D_firReport33 (292.17 Kb)
Susceptibility of Douglas fir provenances to Swiss Needle-Cast disease in New Zealand01/02/2003DF031D_firReport31 (199.82 Kb)