Pre-2007 Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Grade recovery and conversion from a DF sawing study at Kaingaroa01/02/1970DF013DF013 (11.14 Mb)
Predicting Green Crown Height in Douglas-fir01/02/1994DF001DF001 (383.29 Kb)
Monthly Basal Area Growth Distribution of Douglas-fir in New Zealand01/02/1994DF002DF002 (431.59 Kb)
Establishment of a replicated pruning and thinning trial in DF at Kaingaroa01/02/1994DF004DF004 (428.40 Kb)
Effects of interspecific plant competition on DF growth and survival01/03/1994DF005DF005 (15.62 Mb)
Herbicides for controlling weeds in DF plantations01/03/1994DF006DF006 (13.63 Mb)
Drying of DF clearwood01/05/1994DF007DF007 (318.54 Kb)
DF clones in Waiuku seed orchard Part 1: Flushing order Part 2: Health assessment01/06/1994DF008DF008 (627.97 Kb)
Review of DF nutrition in NZ01/08/1994DF009DF009 (618.75 Kb)
Wood properties of DF from four stands in Kaingaroa01/02/1995DF010DF010 (2.72 Mb)
A mortality function for DF to stand age 30 years01/02/1995DF011DF011 (289.32 Kb)
DF Breeding Plan01/02/1995DF012DF012 (884.69 Kb)
Simulations of timber grade recovery from pruned DF logs using AUTOSAW01/02/1995DF017DF017 (1.06 Mb)
Machining and related characteristics of NZ grown DF compared with radiata pine and North American grown DF01/06/1995DF014DF014 (586.87 Kb)
Sawing study and AUTOSAW applications on pruned DF logs01/06/1995DF015DF015 (1.90 Mb)
DF breeding at Cowichan Lake Research Station, Vancouver Island, British Colombia01/07/1996DF019DF019 (403.07 Kb)
Establishment report for the 1996 DF progeny tests at three sites01/01/1997DF020DF020 (4.17 Mb)
Establishment report for the 1996 DF seed source trials at seven sites01/01/1997DF021DF021 (3.19 Mb)
An evaluation of the relationships between DF growth, foliar nutrition and site variables in a series of permanent sample plots in Otage/Southland01/02/1997DF022DF022 (5.08 Mb)
Britain and France DF forestry study tour 199701/06/1998DF025DF025 (2.71 Mb)