Plantation Management Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
A review of the Plantation Management Research Cooperative trials and PSP’s11/04/2017PM102PMCoop_Report102 (313.70 Kb)
“Wind effects on juvenile trees, with special reference to Radiata Pine growing in New Zealand”11/11/2007PM109PMCoop_Report109 (298.00 Kb)
Projection of tree lists using the 300 index model11/11/2007PM110PMCoop_Report110 (447.43 Kb)
Effect of clonal deployment on acoustic velocity11/11/2007PM111PMCoop_Report111 (182.33 Kb)
Extension of the 300 index growth model- Stage 211/06/2007PM107PMCoop_Report107 (322.88 Kb)
Forecaster and sweeper model11/06/2007PM108PMCoop_Report108 (286.63 Kb)
Final assessment of 21 to 22-year-old cuttings trials11/05/2007PM103PMCoop_Report103 (311.84 Kb)
Rationalisation of volume and taper functions11/05/2007PM104PMCoop_Report104 (201.32 Kb)
A new mortality function for New Zealand Radiata Pine11/05/2007PM105PMCoop_Report105 (2.86 Mb)
Analysis of mono-clonal blocks vs mixtures trial- Tarawera Forest11/05/2007PM106PMCoop_Report106 (172.15 Kb)
Plantation Management Coop Report Index11/04/2007IndexPlantation Mgmt Cooperative Reports Index 1 - 111 (47.27 Kb)
PMCoop_ListofCoopReports11/04/2007List of Coop ReportsPMCoop_ListofCoopReports (145.96 Kb)
A validation of the 300 index growth model11/06/2006PM098PMCoop_Report98 (641.57 Kb)
Extension of the 300 index growth model for non-performing site types- Stage 111/06/2006PM099PMCoop_Report99 (206.67 Kb)
Analysis of tree growth of clones grown in pure blocks and mixtures11/06/2006PM100PMCoop_Report100 (195.94 Kb)
Incorporating thinning responses into a branch diameter model11/06/2006PM101PMCoop_Report101 (286.54 Kb)
Analysis of branch data from final crop stocking trials11/05/2006PM096PMCoop_Report96 (308.96 Kb)
Coast redwood silviculture trials- installation report11/05/2006PM097PMCoop_Report97 (6.26 Mb)
Conversion factors for Type 1 and 11 resin pockets11/11/2005PM094PMCoop_Report94 (554.06 Kb)
Culling resin bleeders at the time of selection for pruning – do resin bleeders identify themselves at a young age?11/11/2005PM095PMCoop_Report95 (514.42 Kb)