Plantation Management Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
“A strength and stiffness comparison between timber from Tikitere, Kaingaroa, and a New Zealand wide study”11/06/2000PM068REP68 (1.39 Mb)
“Akatore agroforestry trial, results from 1974-1995”11/11/1995PM026REP26 (8.19 Mb)
“Assessment of roots- Ngaruawahia, Waihi and Fielding toppling trials”11/11/1998PM053REP53 (10.98 Mb)
“Breast height basic density of physiologically-aged cuttings vs. seedlings, grown on a fertile farm site”11/05/1996PM031REP31 (583.55 Kb)
“Comparison of taper, volume and bark thickness of 26-year-old seedlings and cuttings from Mamaku Forest”11/05/1998PM049REP49 (2.14 Mb)
“Invermay agroforestry trial, results from 1974-1995”11/11/1995PM027REP27 (4.94 Mb)
“Pruning of improved Radiata Pine breeds, Tumunui- A pilot study”11/11/1995PM020REP20 (617.94 Kb)
“Single clonal blocks versus two and sixteen clone mixtures trial, Tarawera Forest- Establishment report”11/11/1996PM034REP34 (2.12 Mb)
“The effects of shelterbelts on pasture and soil parameters at Poukawa Research Station, Hawkes Bay “11/11/1999PM067REP67 (1.84 Mb)
“Validation and improvement of models to predict “”Diameter-over-stubs””11/03/1999PM061REP61 (3.73 Mb)
“Wind effects on juvenile trees, with special reference to Radiata Pine growing in New Zealand”11/11/2007PM109PMCoop_Report109 (298.00 Kb)
A 3-point stem volume and taper equation for Radiata Pine11/11/1999PM066REP66 (2.60 Mb)
A comparison of older physiologically aged cuttings of Radiata Pine with juvenile cuttings and seedlings in shelterbelts – Trial establishment report11/11/1995PM028REP28 (1.72 Mb)
A comparison of the energy and force requirements of pruning loppers11/04/1997PM040REP40 (6.67 Mb)
A model to predict branch index in Radiata Pine direct sawlog regimes11/11/1993PM001REP01 (841.80 Kb)
A national growth model for radiata pine shelterbelts11/11/1998PM059PM059 (18.47 Mb)
A new mortality function for New Zealand Radiata Pine11/05/2007PM105PMCoop_Report105 (2.86 Mb)
A preliminary analysis of potential for development of genetic gain modifiers for stem straightness11/05/1997PM038REP38 (1.24 Mb)
A review of the Plantation Management Research Cooperative trials and PSP’s11/04/2017PM102PMCoop_Report102 (313.70 Kb)
A strategic plan for new and existing silvicultural trials11/11/1996PM035REP35 (1.27 Mb)