Plantation Management Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Functionality contained in the NZ Farm Forestry Association Radiata Pine calculator version 211/08/2004PM091PMCoop_Report91 (252.07 Kb)
Realistic alternatives to Radiata Pine in New Zealand- a critical view11/05/2004PM090PMCoop_Report90 (974.26 Kb)
Growth and profitability of Radiata Pine in Hawke’s Bay and Wairapa11/05/2004PM089PMCoop_Report89 (238.86 Kb)
Profitability of converting pastoral farmland to forestry in the Taupo basin11/05/2004PM088PMCoop_Report88 (378.32 Kb)
Silviculture X traits trials- establishment report (Yet to be completed)11/05/2005PM087PMCoop_Report87 (4.24 Mb)
USA Forestry Study Tour background notes- Part 1 South East11/11/2002PM085PMCoop_Report85 (77.89 Kb)
USA Forestry Study Tour background notes- Part 1 Pacific North West11/11/2002PM085PMCoop_Report85 (77.89 Kb)
Analysis of internal checking data from the Goudies and Matea pruning/ thinning/ fertiliser trials (RO 1083/1 and 2)11/05/2002PM081REP81 (966.09 Kb)
Wood quality of Radiata Pine on farm sites – a review of the issues11/05/2002PM080REP80 (4.80 Mb)
Analysis of wood density and spiral grain at seven contrasting sites11/11/2001PM079REP79 (2.88 Mb)
Comparison of GF and long internode breeds along with high wood density clones planted as shelterbelts- Establishment report View Edit Track Clone11/05/2001PM078REP78 (6.03 Mb)
Assessment of tree quality of aged cuttings and seedlings at age 5 years11/05/2001PM076REP76 (777.11 Kb)
The effect of cyclaneusma infection on tree growth11/11/2000PM075REP75 (910.65 Kb)
Appendices for report 7411/11/2000PM074_AppendixREP74-APPENDIX (2.51 Mb)
Wood properties of 26-year-old Pinus radiata from the Tikitere stock trial11/11/2000PM074REP74 (3.61 Mb)
Root system variation in Pinus radiata clones: Experimental study under semi-dry temperate silvopastroral ecosystem in New Zealand11/08/2000PM073REP73 (2.63 Mb)
New generation toppling trials for winching- Establishment report update11/11/2000PM072REP72 (11.39 Mb)
Significance of boron on butt-log straightness of Radiata Pine11/05/2000PM071REP71 (411.08 Kb)
Wood density of Radiata Pine: Effect of nitrogen supply11/05/2000PM070REP70 (1.29 Mb)
An investigation into the effects of boron fertiliser on wood properties and clearwood defects in Radiata Pine11/05/2000PM069REP69 (2.90 Mb)