Stand Growth Modelling Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
“Branching characteristics of Radiata Pine in compartment 905, Kaingaroa: Data collection”01/01/1998 SGM063SGM063 (1.25 Mb)
“Growth, straightness and branching GFPLUS values foe seedlots in large-block genetic gain trials”01/01/1998SGM069SGM069 (960.93 Kb)
A comparison of methods used to predict individual tree diameter growth01/01/1992SGM030SGM030 (1.59 Mb)
A comparison of the regional height models used in New Zealand01/01/1992SGM031SGM031 (676.35 Kb)
A growth model for Douglas-fir grown in the South Island01/01/1990SGM018SGM018 (2.55 Mb)
A growth model for Radiata Pine grown in Canterbury01/04/1988SGM008SGM008 (2.09 Mb)
A growth model for Radiata Pine grown in the Nelson/Marlborough region01/01/1990SGM014SGM014 (1.87 Mb)
A guide to using the individual-tree growth model01/01/1999 SGM077SGM077 (2.75 Mb)
A guide to using TreeBLOSSIM- Version2.001/01/2004SGM122SGM122 (401.86 Kb)
A strategy for efficient selection and evaluation of designer breeds01/01/1995SGM042SGM042 (1.74 Mb)
An examination of the validity of three Douglas-fir growth models01/01/1995 SGM041SGM041 (6.15 Mb)
An interim stand growth model for Radiata Pine grown on the central North Island pumice plateau01/01/1987SGM003SGM003 (2.25 Mb)
Auckland clays growth model with phosphorus fertiliser effects01/01/1987SGM006SGM006 (2.77 Mb)
Auckland clays Radiata Pine growth and yield model: Development, history and performance01/01/1987SGM002SGM002 (3.74 Mb)
Azimuth angle of the largest branch in the cluster01/01/1999SGM074SGM074 (3.12 Mb)
Benchmarking study- Aupouri Forest01/10/2003SGMC WQI Report 2aSGM002a (228.66 Kb)
Benchmarking study- Golden Downs Forest01/02/2005SGMC WQI Report 2dSGM002d (323.39 Kb)
Benchmarking study- Mohaka Forest01/01/2004SGMC WQI Report 2cSGM002c (247.50 Kb)
Benchmarking study- Southland Forest01/12/2003 SGMC WQI Report 2eSGM002e (277.25 Kb)
Best linear prediction of breeding values for stem diameter in a Pinus radiata improvement programme01/01/1995SGM043SGM043 (2.59 Mb)