Stand Growth Modelling Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Influence of site and genetics on branch diameter at time of pruning01/01/2001SGM098SGM098 (2.71 Mb)
Influence of thinning on branch diameter distributions and branch growth01/01/1998SGM062SGM062 (3.49 Mb)
Initial report on the growth performance of the genetically improved Pinus radiata breeds01/01/1988SGM010SGM010 (1.71 Mb)
Investigations into the possible causes of bias in the Nelson growth model01/01/1990SGM019SGM019 (1.41 Mb)
Kaingaroa data collection and analysis: Expt RO 209801/01/1992SGM086SGM086 (490.39 Kb)
Linking tree growth to end-product performance: Literature review and proposed modelling strategy01/01/2003SGM114SGM114 (500.67 Kb)
Location of SGMC trials and study sites with respect to land environments of New Zealand – Appendices01/01/2007SGM144 APPsSGM144 Appendices (3.61 Mb)
Marlborough data collection and analysis: NN 469/0/77/801/01/2002SGM088SGM088 (454.74 Kb)
Methodology for collecting branch growth data01/01/1994SGM037SGM037 (1.36 Mb)
Minimum standards for collection of growth data from permanent sample plots (Revision of 1987 report)01/01/1991SGM004SGM004 (2.58 Mb)
Modelling branch development in Radiata Pine01/01/1998 SGM061SGM061 (1.42 Mb)
Modelling individual tree survival of Radiata Pine in NZ: Progress to July 199601/01/1997SGM054SGM054 (1.76 Mb)
Modelling individual-tree probability of survival of unthinned Radiata Pine01/01/1997SGM060SGM060 (3.75 Mb)
Modelling stem cone occurrence, number of branches in a cluster and cluster depth for Radiata Pine: Progress to January 199601/01/1996SGM048SGM048 (2.13 Mb)
Modelling the position of branch cluster in Radiata Pine01/01/1995SGM045SGM045 (1.03 Mb)
Modelling the position of the branch pith through time01/01/1998 SGM065SGM065 (2.12 Mb)
Mortality in the golden downs model01/01/1987SGM001SGM001 (1.12 Mb)
Nelson study for internal stem modelling: Evaluation of relationship between crown, ring area and basic density01/01/2006SGM132SGM132 (612.47 Kb)
Otago/Southland tree volume equations01/01/1994 SGM036SGM036 (2.38 Mb)
Overview of model differences01/01/1991SGM025SGM025 (1.29 Mb)