Stand Growth Modelling Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Relationship between environmental variables and Radiata Pine growth in the Canterbury growth modelling region01/01/1994SGM039SGM039 (1.14 Mb)
Sampling for tree ring analysis01/01/1992 SGM026SGM026 (1.57 Mb)
Second estimation of genetic gain multipliers using data from 1978-1980 large-block genetic gain trials01/01/1997 SGM053SGM053 (3.41 Mb)
Second orchard survey results01/01/1989 SGM011SGM011 (1.39 Mb)
Sensitivity analysis of Tree BLOSSIM: PhotoMARVL trees from Expt AK1056 (WOOD) and NN529/1 (GDNS)01/01/2003SGM116SGM116 (2.98 Mb)
Sensitivity analysis of Tree BLOSSIM: PhotoMARVL trees from Expt CY597 (Eyrewell)01/01/2003SGM117SGM117 (1.83 Mb)
SGM Newsletter June 200501/01/2005 SGM0SGM0 (236.47 Kb)
SGM Newsletter September 200601/01/2006SGM00SGM00 (342.02 Kb)
SGMC modelling strategy project 2006/200701/01/2007SGM140SGM140 (313.19 Kb)
Special-purpose breed trials- Form assessments01/01/2001SGM107SGM107 (1.20 Mb)
Stem damage growth modelling cooperative trials11/04/2006SGM138SGM138 (878.02 Kb)
Suitability of PHOTOMARVL for measuring crown structure01/01/2000SGM093SGM093 (5.12 Mb)
Te Marua Forest, East Coast region, North Island: Comparison of PhotoMARVL data and TreeBLOSSIM predictions01/01/2003 SGM118SGM118 (183.12 Kb)
Testing of log quality predictions01/01/1991SGM020SGM020 (2.07 Mb)
The divergence/convergence question01/01/1992 SGM029SGM029 (1.42 Mb)
The effect of silviculture on genetic gain in growth of Pinus radiata at one-third rotation01/01/1997SGM057SGM057 (8.28 Mb)
The growth of thinned and pruned stands01/01/1989SGM012SGM012 (1.62 Mb)
The retrospective sampling technique01/01/1987SGM005SGM005 (1.54 Mb)
Towards the next generation of modelling trials01/01/2004SGM124SGM124 (81.43 Kb)
Tree growth in 1987, 1990, 1991 silvicultural breed trials01/01/2007SGM149SGM149 (890.63 Kb)