2017 Forest Growers Conference

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Report Name Published Report Download
Incursion Response in Urban Areas – Video17/10/2017AC2017-0505 Urban Incursion_Tara Strand (1.30 Mb)
FGR Conference Introduction18/10/2017AC2017-0101 Introduction_R Dale (293.19 Kb)
Forest Growers Levy Update18/10/2017AC2017-0202 FGLT Intro _ G Thompson_final (309.04 Kb)
Red Needle Cast – What we now know18/10/2017AC2017-03Red Needle Cast Overview (1.98 Mb)
Satellite Monitoring of Foliage Diseases18/10/2017AC2017-0404 Satellite Monitoring of Foliage Diseases_Grant Pearse (590.61 Kb)
Effectiveness of Riparian Margins18/10/2017AC2017-0606 Riparian Margins for trapping sediment_C Phillips (1.50 Mb)
Myrtle Rust and Eucalyptus Pests18/10/2017AC2017-0707 Myrtle Rust (1.20 Mb)
Steepland Harvesting Programme18/10/2017AC2017-1212 Steepland Harvesting Programme__K Raymond (368.17 Kb)
GxExS and Value Impact of Silviculture – Video18/10/2017AC2017-13Next Generation Silviculture - Dungey, Moore & Watt (2.32 Mb)
Nursery and Seedling Optimisation – Video18/10/2017AC2017-1415 Nursery and seedling optimisation_S Smaill (2.31 Mb)
Bio Protection Successes18/10/2017AC2017-1616 Bio Protection Successes (1.41 Mb)
2017 FGR Conference 2017 – Agenda18/10/2017AC2017-0000b Agenda 2017 FGR Conference (417.61 Kb)
Sources of Sedimentation18/10/2017AC2017-1919 Sources of Sedimentation_K Brown (922.42 Kb)
Bio Stimulants – Foliar Sprays – Video18/10/2017AC2017-1717 _ 18 Biostimulants and Foliar Sprays (2.58 Mb)
Stream Recovery and Copper in Waterways18/10/2017AC2017-2020 Streamm Recover B Baillie (2.02 Mb)
ErodeNZ, the story so far… – Video18/10/2017AC2017-2121 ErodeNZ, the story so far - D Harrison (621.87 Kb)
Fate of Log Exports and ETS Implications18/10/2017AC2017-2222 Fate of Log Exports and ETS Implications_B Manley (434.38 Kb)
Log Fumigation Update18/10/2017AC2017-2323 Log Fumigation Update_D Hammond (467.50 Kb)
Future LTO Challenges18/10/2017AC2017-2424 Future LTO Challenges_K Taylor (358.78 Kb)
Eucalyptus nitens Breeding and Seed Orchards18/10/2017AC2017-2525 Eucalyptus nitens Breeding_M Suontama (1.25 Mb)