2019 Forest Growers Conference


Workshop Monday, 14th October

Conference:   Tuesday, 15th October and Wednesday, 16th 2019

Te Papa, Wellington

Conference Agenda

Research Awards Dinner
Tuesday Evening
15th October 2019

Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, 14th October 2019

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The 2019 Forest Growers Conference will be held in Wellington this year on the 15th – 16th October 2019.  In addition to an update on the Forest Growers levy, the conference will highlight the achievements of our two largest research programmes that are coming to an end this year, Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future (GCFF) and Healthy Trees Healthy Forest (HTHF).  We will also highlight achievements from extensive research programmes ranging across the spectrum from tree breeding to harvesting.

Learn about the research programmes and other activities being funded by the levy, the results to date and how you as a forest grower can use these results to:

  • Achieve better financial returns from new and existing forests
  • Improve the health and resilience of your forests to pests and diseases
  • Maintain our industry ‘licence to operate’

Come along and benefit from this significant investment in the future of the forest growing industry by the Forest Growers Levy Trust.

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