Technical Notes – Environment & Social

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Report Name Published Report Download
Systems Thinking Workshop on the Emissions Trading Scheme29/06/2009ESTN-001ESTN-001 (121.49 Kb)
Economic Simulation of Plantation Forestry29/06/2009ESTN-002ESTN-002 (107.54 Kb)
Spatial Environmental Datasets29/07/2009ESTN-003ESTN-003 (105.36 Kb)
Recent Findings on the Environmental Impacts of Planted Forests29/07/2009ESTN-004ESTN-004 (267.58 Kb)
Contribution of Insect Biodiversity to Wood Decomposition29/06/2010ESTN-005ESTN-005 (114.84 Kb)
The Value of Recreation in Whakarewarewa Forest, Rotorua29/04/2010ESTN-007ESTN-007 (1.48 Mb)
Indicators of Sustainable Forestry: Prioritising Further Research29/07/2010ESTN-009ESTN-009 (334.17 Kb)
Giving National Context to International Indicators: New Zealand forest industry and territorial authority views on Montréal Process Criteria and Indicators29/07/2010ESTN-010ESTN-010 (343.30 Kb)
Community indicators for sustainable forest management in New Zealand29/07/2010ESTN-011ESTN-011 (1.00 Mb)
Positioning Future Forests: Identifying areas that could benefit from the establishment of functional forests29/04/2010ESTN-013ESTN-013 (312.62 Kb)
Developing Meaning into Visualisations of Sustainable Forestry in New Zealand23/02/2011ESTN-015ESTN-015 (258.92 Kb)
Supporting Threatened Species in Exotic Planted Forests29/06/2011ESTN-016ESTN-016 (249.00 Kb)
Functional Forests within NZ – Which species should we plant?29/01/2013ESTN-017ESTN-017 (756.00 Kb)
The Effect of Extreme Rainfall Events on Marginal Land across NZ under Current and Future Climate29/06/2013ESTN-018ESTN-018 (383.61 Kb)
Outcomes of the Sustainability Indicators Workshop29/10/2011ESTN-020ESTN-020 (141.40 Kb)
Testing a modelling apporach to Landslide Erosion in New Zealand29/05/2012ESTN-021ESTN-021 (1.05 Mb)
Remote Sensing Biodiversity in Plantation Stands with LiDAR29/01/2013ESTN-022ESTN-022 (575.17 Kb)
A Structured Approach for Visualisations of Indicators29/06/2012ESTN-023ESTN-023 (817.11 Kb)
Testing a Modelling Approach to Landslide Erosion in New Zealand – Expanding the Model and Validation29/10/2013ESTN-024ESTN-024 (1.07 Mb)