Softwood Plantation Fire Synopsis and Bibliography 1964 – 2008

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Report Name Published Report Download
Using fuel and weather variables to predict the sustainability of surface fire spreading maritime pine stands (prescribed burn, fire behaviour)01/10/2008Fernandesfernandes_botelo_2 (223.53 Kb)
Billo Road Fire Report (Case study, fire behaviour)01/01/2007Cruzcruz1 (5.26 Mb)
Development of a model system to predict wildfire behaviour in pine plantations (Fire behaviour, crown fire)01/01/2007Cruzcruz2 (551.23 Kb)
The fire ecology and management of maritime pine (Fire management, fire effects, fuel management)01/01/2007Fernandesfernandes_rigolet_1 (386.16 Kb)
Softwood Plantation Fire Synopsis (fire management, fire behaviour, fuel dynamics)01/01/2007FFMGffmg_2007 (1.14 Mb)
Development and testing of models for predicting crown fire rate of spread in conifer forest stand (Crown fire, fire behaviour prediction)01/01/2005Cruzcruz3 (1.70 Mb)
Fire management in Pine Plantations (Fire management)01/01/2004Bartlettbartlett1 (1.14 Mb)
Modeling the likelihood of crown fire occurrence in conifer forest stands (Crown fire, fire behaviour prediction)01/01/2004Cruzcruz4 (441.88 Kb)
Fire behaviour and severity in a maritime pine stand under differing fuel conditions (Fire behaviour, crown fire, fuel dynamics)01/01/2004Fernandesfernandes_botelo_2i (326.49 Kb)
Analysis of the prescribed burning practice in the pine forest of north western Portugal (Prescribed burn)01/01/2004Fernandesfernandes_botelo_4 (240.01 Kb)
Models for the sustained ignition and behaviour of low-to-moderately intense fires in maritime pine stands (prescribed burn, fire behaviour)01/01/2002Fernandesfernandes_botelo_3 (224.91 Kb)
Behaviour and some impacts of a large wildfire in the Gnangara martime pine (Pinus pinaster) plantation, Western Australia (Case study, fuel dynamics, fire behaviour)01/01/2000Burrowsburrows2 (671.96 Kb)
Plantation design guidelines (Fire management)01/10/1999Forest Owners Conferencefoaconf1999 (2.63 Mb)
Modelling Pinus pinaster tree damage induced by upslope wind driven prescribed fires in northern Portugal (Prescribed burn, fire effects)01/10/1998Botelhobotelho5 (1.69 Mb)
Crown fire thresholds in exotic pine plantations of Australasia – Part 2 (Fire behaviour, fire management, crown fire)01/01/1998Alexandraalexander1_ii (6.88 Mb)
Crown fire thresholds in exotic pine plantations of Australasia – Part I (Fire behaviour, fire management, crown fire)01/01/1998Alexandraalexandra 1 (5.26 Mb)
Growth response of maritime pine trees to high intensity prescribed fire(Prescribed burn, fire effects)01/01/1998Botelhobotelho6 (489.47 Kb)
Guidelines for plantation fire protection (Fire management)01/01/1998FESAfesa (5.64 Mb)
Two rural/urban Interface fires in the Wellington suburb of Karori: assessment of associated burning conditions and fire control strategies (Case study, fire behaviour, fire suppression)01/10/1996Fogartyfogarty (4.65 Mb)
Tree mortality models for Pinus pinaster in Northern Portugal (Prescribed burn, fire effects)01/01/1996Botelhobotelho2 (1.03 Mb)