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Isolation of Trichoderma Root Engophytes15/12/2014BIO-T001BIO-T001 (506.14 Kb)
Strain-specific Primers for LU633 and LU584 validated08/04/2015BIO-T002BIO-T002 (572.80 Kb)
Task 2.8: Confirm taxonomic identifications of the most effective Trichodermaisolates based on sequence data. Task 2.9: Evaluate the use of UP-PCR to distinguish between Trichoderma strains used in seed treatments.16/04/2015BIO-T003BIO-T003 (475.62 Kb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases and disorders of radiata pine Quantitative PCR methods developed for LU633/584 LU633/584 primers tested on forest and controlled environment samples12/08/2015BIO-T004BIO-T004 (1.07 Mb)
Testing Biological control agent (BCA) inoculated material against Phytophthora pluvialis in planta05/10/2015BIO-T005BIO-T005 (707.21 Kb)
Identify endophyte/elicitor combinations that enhance seedling resistance to diplodia dieback in at least two pine seedlots05/10/2015BIO-T006BIO-T006 (716.96 Kb)
Assessment of established Trichoderma field trials and methodology for scoring disease05/10/2015BIO-T007BIO-T007 (927.82 Kb)
Scoring Dothistroma Needle Blight Symptoms in a Trichoderma Biocontrol Field Trial17/02/2016BIO-T008BIO-T008 (872.85 Kb)
Myrtle Rust and the New Zealand Forest Industry10/05/2016BIO-T014BIO-T014 (1.04 Mb)
Production of Trichoderma inoculum for treatment of plant material17/09/2016BIO-T010BIO-T010 (1.09 Mb)
Persistence of Trichoderma in Nursery and Forest Plantations17/09/2016BIO-T011BIO-T011 (1.27 Mb)
Inoculation and colonisation of Pinus radiata seedlings with selected Trichoderma treatments15/02/2017BIO-T012BIO-T012 (2.92 Mb)
Plant defence responses to Trichoderma and elicitor treatments when challenged with Diplodia sapinea or Phytophthora pluvialis15/02/2017BIO-T013BIO-T013 (7.40 Mb)
Monitoring establishment and long-term persistence of a model Trichoderma strain (LU633) in Pinus radiata plantation trials using qPCR12/12/2017BIO-T017BIO-T017 (1.19 Mb)
Colonisation and Persistence of Pinus radiata seedlings with selected Trichoderma treatments18/12/2017BIO-T015BIO-T015 (1.33 Mb)
Isolation and characterisation of fungal partners in the Pinus radiata root microbiome18/12/2017BIO-T016BIO-T016 (720.57 Kb)
Summary of Trichoderma Research Trials07/12/2018BIO-T018BIO-T018 (5.18 Mb)
Isolation and characterisation of Trichoderma isolates from Pinus radiata roots in warm and cold regions07/12/2018BIO-T019BIO-T019 (1.97 Mb)
Colonisation and persistence of Pinus radiata cuttings with selected Trichoderma treatments28/01/2019BIO-T020BIO-T020 (2.16 Mb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases ande disorders of radiata pine – Bioprotection Project Overview 2017 – June 201901/07/2019BIO-T022BIO-T022 (3.97 Mb)