General Research

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FGR: Industry Survey MBIE Bid Research Development12/09/2018SWOTSWOT Survey 2018 (14.28 Kb)
Forest Health General Research Index27/08/201400General Research Index (151.85 Kb)
Cuprous oxide fungicide ineffective at reducing sapstain in windthrown trees01/06/20110101 (830.32 Kb)
Future proofing plantation forests from pests01/05/20100202 (555.38 Kb)
Development of sapstain and degrade after storm damage in stands of Pinus radiata01/05/20090404 (408.63 Kb)
The formation of dry sapwood zones in conifers : A Review01/05/20090303 (1.16 Mb)
Temperature Mortality Thresholds for insects and fungi in NZ01/06/20070606 (166.03 Kb)
Literature Review – Temperature Mortality Thresholds for Insects01/06/20070505 (224.84 Kb)
Detection of disease in forest nurseries01/01/20061313 (1.14 Mb)
Evaluation of remote sensing technologies for forest health01/01/20061111 (1.95 Mb)
Possums and Pines01/01/20061010 (170.29 Kb)
National certificate in forest health surveillance: forest and tree health field manual01/12/20051515 (1.43 Mb)
Fungi on trees and shrubs in NZ. Fungi of NZ Volume 401/08/20051414 (108.26 Kb)
Survey of potential sapstain fungi on Pinus radiata in NZ01/01/20051616 (497.27 Kb)
Remote Sensing Needs identified during industry consultation01/01/20051212 (215.24 Kb)
The Chemical Analysis of Pesticides in Stem Injection Trials01/01/20050909 (324.09 Kb)
Stem Injection – Operational Stem injections trials and bioassays01/01/20050808 (594.11 Kb)
Stem Injection – Dose response trails and bioassays01/01/20050707 (731.85 Kb)