Technical Reports – Radiata (IFS)

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Report Name Published Report Download
Effects of Pruning Intensity: Analysis of the Second Log Pruning Trial Series01/01/2008R028R028 (855.58 Kb)
Validation of the WQI spiral grain model01/06/2008R017R017 (297.21 Kb)
Radiata Pine Heartwood Modelling01/06/2008R008R008 (1.80 Mb)
Documentation of Tree Characteristics Measureed in 1975 Final Crop Stocking Trials at Woodhill and Golden Downs01/07/2008R011R011 (304.92 Kb)
Value Chain Pilot Study01/07/2008R004R004 (1.30 Mb)
Evaluation of Nursery Container Types for Raising Radiata Pine Seedlings & Cuttings01/11/2008R019R019 (694.13 Kb)
Demand and Supply Driven Bullwhip Effect01/11/2008R015R015 (737.66 Kb)
Framework Design & Concepts for Value Chain DSS01/11/2008R005R005 (526.85 Kb)
Requirements Analysis for Virtual Forest Framework01/11/2008R003R003 (399.50 Kb)
A Survey of Decision Making in Forest Growing01/11/2008R002R002 (500.94 Kb)
Modelling the Influence of Site and Weed Competition on Juvenile Modulus of Elasticity in Pinus radiata across Board Environmental gradients01/12/2008R030R030 (922.08 Kb)
Improving Operational Forest Inventory – The Benefits of Integrating Single Tree Sampling With Advanced Remote Sensing Technology01/12/2008R029R029 (1.21 Mb)
Validation of the WQI Microfibril Angle Model01/12/2008R027R027 (863.64 Kb)
Estimation of Mean Internode Length for GF14 and GF13/LI25 Seedlots using TreeD data01/01/2009R038R038 (883.70 Kb)
Wood Density Models01/01/2009R036R036 (1.69 Mb)
Theoretical Comparison of Branch Index Predictions using different Models and Independent Permanent Sample Plots01/01/2009R025R025 (1.18 Mb)
Heartwood and Green Density Models for Pinus Radiata01/03/2009R031R031 (1.03 Mb)
Wood Property Mapping Techniques: Development and Applicability to the Programme of Mechanobiology of Wood Formation01/04/2009R047R047 (789.57 Kb)
FFR Research Business Case: Improved Stem Scanning10/04/2009R046R046 (281.27 Kb)
Suitability of Disc Images to Test Applicability of Taper Equations at Different Ages01/05/2009R033R033 (738.62 Kb)