Technical Reports – Radiata (IFS)

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Report Name Published Report Download
Radiata Technical Reports Index01/07/2011R0000 Website Radiata Technical Reports Index (206.70 Kb)
A National Model of Pinus Radiata Growth in New Zealand: The 300 Index Growth Model01/01/2011R001R001 (429.46 Kb)
A Survey of Decision Making in Forest Growing01/11/2008R002R002 (500.94 Kb)
Requirements Analysis for Virtual Forest Framework01/11/2008R003R003 (399.50 Kb)
Value Chain Pilot Study01/07/2008R004R004 (1.30 Mb)
Framework Design & Concepts for Value Chain DSS01/11/2008R005R005 (526.85 Kb)
Mechanics of the Stem-branch Junction01/09/2010R006R006 (698.75 Kb)
Strategy for Growth & Wood Property Modeling28/06/2009R007R007 (410.88 Kb)
Radiata Pine Heartwood Modelling01/06/2008R008R008 (1.80 Mb)
Radiata Pine Branching: A Comparison of TreeD data and TreeBLOSSIM Prediction01/10/2010R009R009 (1.81 Mb)
Full Rotation Validation 300 Index Growth Model22/06/2010R010R010 (579.68 Kb)
Documentation of Tree Characteristics Measureed in 1975 Final Crop Stocking Trials at Woodhill and Golden Downs01/07/2008R011R011 (304.92 Kb)
Log Counting Algorithm Validation01/07/2009R014R014 (1.92 Mb)
Demand and Supply Driven Bullwhip Effect01/11/2008R015R015 (737.66 Kb)
Comparison of Radiata Pine Growth Models: Stand Level Predictions from Mid-rotation Onwards01/09/2010R016R016 (2.39 Mb)
Validation of the WQI spiral grain model01/06/2008R017R017 (297.21 Kb)
Evaluation of Nursery Container Types for Raising Radiata Pine Seedlings & Cuttings01/11/2008R019R019 (694.13 Kb)
1975 Final Crop Stocking Trials: Assessment of Crown and Wood Properties for Trees from Different Silvicultural Treatments01/10/2009R020R020 (2.41 Mb)
Special Purpose Breed Trials Analysis01/06/2009R024R024 (607.31 Kb)
Theoretical Comparison of Branch Index Predictions using different Models and Independent Permanent Sample Plots01/01/2009R025R025 (1.18 Mb)