Technical Reports – Radiata (IFS)

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Report Name Published Report Download
Structure Model for Crown Architecture13/04/2012R053R053 (487.11 Kb)
Development of Total Stem Volume and Velocity Mpas from LiDAR Metrics09/03/2012R065R065 (318.22 Kb)
Literature Review Robust Planning Through Improved Inventory17/02/2012R062R062 (828.19 Kb)
Radiata Technical Reports Index01/07/2011R0000 Website Radiata Technical Reports Index (206.70 Kb)
User Manual Planning & Field Guide – Timberline Inventory System_01/03/2011R055R055 (631.47 Kb)
Effect of Thinning History on the 300 Index Growth Model Projections12/01/2011R039R039 (371.14 Kb)
A National Model of Pinus Radiata Growth in New Zealand: The 300 Index Growth Model01/01/2011R001R001 (429.46 Kb)
Radiata Pine Branching: A Comparison of TreeD data and TreeBLOSSIM Prediction01/10/2010R009R009 (1.81 Mb)
Mechanics of the Stem-branch Junction01/09/2010R006R006 (698.75 Kb)
Comparison of Radiata Pine Growth Models: Stand Level Predictions from Mid-rotation Onwards01/09/2010R016R016 (2.39 Mb)
Multi-trait Mixed Smoothing Spline Models for Wood Properties01/09/2010R056R056 (1.54 Mb)
Phloem Transport Model01/08/2010R050R050 (346.60 Kb)
Full Rotation Validation 300 Index Growth Model22/06/2010R010R010 (579.68 Kb)
Single Tree Sampling Cost Benefit Analysis03/06/2010R061R061 (1.85 Mb)
Report on the Feasibility of Constructing a Vibration/ultrasonic Tool to Monitor Development of Wood Seedlings01/06/2010R026R026 (380.89 Kb)
Model of Surface Strain/Stress in a Tree Stem01/06/2010R043R043 (1.11 Mb)
Review of Wood Quality Algorithms01/06/2010R048R048 (758.93 Kb)
Procedures to allow for incomplete stand histories when running the 300 Index Growth Model28/03/2010R035R035 (398.68 Kb)
Graphical Data Analysis: Standing-tree Sonic Velocity in Silvicultural Breeds and Ultra-high Pruning Trials02/03/2010R052R052 (1.31 Mb)
Using the 300-Index to Quantify and Model Genetic Gain in Radiata Pine Productivity01/03/2010R054R054 (338.46 Kb)