Technical Notes – Site Productivity (IO1/WEEDS)

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N Fertiliser Effects on Soil in a Radiata Pine Plantation01/01/2001RSPTN-015RSPTN-015 (385.47 Kb)
What will the Vegetation Management Research Programme Deliver to the Forestry Sector?01/05/2009RSPTN-003RSPTN-003 (73.58 Kb)
Understanding and Managing Weed Risk01/07/2009RSPTN-005RSPTN-005 (142.13 Kb)
Fertiliser Decision Support System01/07/2009RSPTN-004RSPTN-004 (72.85 Kb)
Tree Growth and N Leaching Response to N Fertiliser01/12/2009RSPTN-009RSPTN-009 (235.01 Kb)
Mycorrhizas and New Species Mixture Trials01/06/2010RSPTN-010RSPTN-010 (244.96 Kb)
Tree Growth and N Leaching Response to Fertiliser (2)12/06/2010RSPTN-018RSPTN-018 (147.95 Kb)
Impacts of Nitrogen Additions and Harvest Residue Managementon Chemical Composition of Soil Carbon in a Plantation Forest01/07/2010RSPTN-006RSPTN-006 (341.05 Kb)
Examination of Microbial Contribution to Site Productivity01/09/2010RSPTN-012RSPTN-012 (544.18 Kb)
Seedling Performance and Nursery Treatments01/09/2010RSPTN-011RSPTN-011 (486.70 Kb)
Mycorrhizal Development and Nursery Treatments01/01/2011RSPTN-016RSPTN-016 (254.12 Kb)
Impact of Buddleia Leaf Weevil on Buddleia Growth01/02/2011RSPTN-017RSPTN-017 (113.84 Kb)
Boron does not Reduce Malformation in Two High Country Douglas-fir Stands01/02/2011RSPTN-014RSPTN-014 (620.70 Kb)
Mycorrihizas and New Species Mixture Trials01/02/2011RSPTN-002RSPTN-002 (166.78 Kb)
Foliage Sampling01/02/2011RSPTN-001RSPTN-001 (377.01 Kb)
Influence of Native Understory Plant Species on Litter Decomposition in Pinus radiata Stands: An Update14/07/2011RSPTN-022RSPTN-022 (210.44 Kb)
Nitrogen Leaching Response to Fertiliser (3)14/07/2011RSPTN-019RSPTN-019 (220.00 Kb)
Nitrogen & Phosphorous Respones in Mid-Rotorua Stands of Pinus radiata – Update 401/09/2011RSPTN-008RSPTN-008 (286.26 Kb)
Effect of Boron on Wood Quality01/09/2011RSPTN-007RSPTN-007 (236.99 Kb)
Site Productivity Tech Note Index01/09/2011RSPTN-0000 Website Site Productivity Technical Notes (208.28 Kb)