Technical Notes – Site Productivity (IO1/WEEDS)

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Report Name Published Report Download
Altering Nursery Management Improves Field Performance07/11/2013RSPTN-036RSPTN-036 (579.75 Kb)
Forest Management Practices and Soil Carbon View Edit Track Clone07/11/2013RSPTN-035RSPTN-035 (379.71 Kb)
Influence of Native Leaf Litter on the Early Stage Decomposition of P.radiata Needles12/11/2013RSPTN-034RSPTN-034 (495.11 Kb)
Matching Genotypes to Site Resources07/11/2013RSPTN-033RSPTN-033 (621.82 Kb)
Growth Responses of Radiata Pine Clones to Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertiliser Application26/06/2012RSPTN-031RSPTN-031 (265.34 Kb)
UMCY Symptoms in Radiata Pine Vary by Site and Clone26/07/2012RSPTN-030RSPTN-030 (426.60 Kb)
Native Understory Plants Support Biodiversity in Plantation Stands14/05/2012RSPTN-029RSPTN-029 (336.03 Kb)
Tree Growth Response to Nitrogen Fertilisation18/09/2012RSPTN-027RSPTN-027 (420.51 Kb)
Early Growth and Nutrition of Four Species in Mixture Trials09/03/2012RSPTN-026RSPTN-026 (670.92 Kb)
Soil Bacterial Properties Linked to Pinus Radiata Genotype16/01/2012RSPTN-025RSPTN-025 (135.66 Kb)
Clonal and Site Effects on Stem Slenderness of Juvenile Radiata Pine in Relation to Wood Stiffness14/05/2012RSPTN-024RSPTN-024 (378.23 Kb)
Impacts of Fertiliser on Soil Organic Matter in Production04/12/2011RSPTN-023RSPTN-023 (109.51 Kb)
Influence of Native Understory Plant Species on Litter Decomposition in Pinus radiata Stands: An Update14/07/2011RSPTN-022RSPTN-022 (210.44 Kb)
Differences in Foliar Nutrient Concentrations Between and Within Populations and their Relation to Radiata Pine Growth26/07/2012RSPTN-021RSPTN-021 (282.16 Kb)
A Glasshouse Study of Tree Species in Mixtures18/09/2012RSPTN-020RSPTN-020 (713.96 Kb)
Nitrogen Leaching Response to Fertiliser (3)14/07/2011RSPTN-019RSPTN-019 (220.00 Kb)
Tree Growth and N Leaching Response to Fertiliser (2)12/06/2010RSPTN-018RSPTN-018 (147.95 Kb)
Impact of Buddleia Leaf Weevil on Buddleia Growth01/02/2011RSPTN-017RSPTN-017 (113.84 Kb)
Mycorrhizal Development and Nursery Treatments01/01/2011RSPTN-016RSPTN-016 (254.12 Kb)
N Fertiliser Effects on Soil in a Radiata Pine Plantation01/01/2001RSPTN-015RSPTN-015 (385.47 Kb)