Woodlot Harvesting Videos – How to market and harvest your woodlot for profit

A third of New Zealand’s plantation forest estate is in the hands of woodlot owners. Harvesting can be a stressful time for some woodlot owners with little knowledge and experience of this phase of the woodlot management cycle. The 15-video series, “How to market and harvest your woodlot for profit”, attempts to provide woodlot owners with sufficient information to help them successfully achieve their woodlot harvesting goals. The videos cover such topics as; how to determine what’s in your woodlot, how to go about selling what you’ve got, safety requirements, how to best manage the environment, harvesting and transportation systems suitable for woodlots, and things you can do to maximise your profitability. The series concludes with two case studies of woodlot harvesting, and a description of a new tool to determine expected net revenues and their sensitivity to key woodlot variables.

1. Introduction

2. Woodlot Resource

3. What do you have in your woodlot?

4. When and How to Sell What You Have in Your Woodlot

5. Contracts & Payment Methods

6. Health and Safety

7. Environmental Management

8. Planning for Harvesting Systems

9.  Overview of Harvesting Systems

10.  Improving Profit – Part 1

11. Improving Profit – Part 2

12. Case Study 1

13. Case Study 2

14. Use of Woodlot Analysis Tool – Part 1

15. Use of Woodlot Analysis Tool – Part 2