Harvesting Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
The Koller K602H Yarding System06/11/2015HTN08-01HTN08-01 (1023.27 Kb)
Remote Control of a John Deere 909 Feller Buncher31/03/2015HTN07-04HTN07-04 (478.79 Kb)
Integration of Harvester Data and Geospatial Information12/02/2017HTN07-03HTN07-03 (2.70 Mb)
After Dark Logging with Alpine Grapple Carriage12/11/2014HTN07-02HTN07-02 (720.92 Kb)
Innovative Yarding System Design12/11/2014HTN07-01HTN07-01 (1.11 Mb)
Outhaul Distance Measurement03/10/2014HTN06-08HTN06-08 (708.53 Kb)
Innovative Yarding Systems – A Review of Literature03/10/2014HTN06-07HTN06-07 (712.89 Kb)
Steep Country Harvesting in British Columbia08/01/2014HTN06-05HTN06-05 (765.42 Kb)
Alternative Power Sources for Cable Yarders07/01/2014HTN06-04HTN06-04 (472.77 Kb)
Survey of Yarders Used in New Zealand07/01/2014HTN06-03HTN06-03 (691.49 Kb)
Haptic Feedback for a Teleoperated Felling Machine27/02/2014HTN06-02HTN06-02 (549.11 Kb)
Valentini V1500 Cable Yarder11/03/2014HTN06-01HTN06-01 (851.33 Kb)
Simulating Skyline Tensions of Rigging Configurations18/10/2013HTN05-12HTN05-12 (765.49 Kb)
Tension Monitoring of a Cable Assisted Machine18/10/2013HTN05-11HTN05-11 (589.54 Kb)
Innovative Yarding Systems – Analysis of Ideas02/12/2013HTN05-10HTN05-10 (601.28 Kb)
Innovative Yarding Systems – Concept Generation18/10/2013HTN05-09HTN05-09 (598.68 Kb)
Improved Grapple Control29/07/2013HTN05-08HTN05-08 (646.05 Kb)
ClimbMAX2 Steep Slope Harvester26/09/2013HTN05-07HTN05-07 (704.58 Kb)
Falcon Forestry Claw Grapple: Productivity and Ergonomics26/09/2013HTN05-06HTN05-06 (489.03 Kb)
Installing a Chipper in a Hauler: A Feasibility Study29/07/2013HTN05-05HTN05-05 (574.80 Kb)