Harvesting Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
Improved Grapple Control29/07/2013HTN05-08HTN05-08 (646.05 Kb)
Installing a Chipper in a Hauler: A Feasibility Study29/07/2013HTN05-05HTN05-05 (574.80 Kb)
Hauler Vision System: Testing of Cutover Camera13/02/2013HTN05-03HTN05-03 (887.49 Kb)
Measuring Slope of Forestry Machines on Steep Terrain13/02/2013HTN05-02HTN05-02 (1.54 Mb)
On-board Machine Stability Information System13/02/2013HTN05-01HTN05-01 (1.17 Mb)
Teleoperation for Steep Country Harvesting: A Literature Review12/10/2012HTN04-09HTN04-09 (494.72 Kb)
Design of a Lab-based Development Platform14/08/2012HTN04-11HTN04-11 (2.12 Mb)
Improved Grapple Control using a Grapple Restraint25/07/2012HTN04-10HTN04-10 (931.99 Kb)
Mechanisation on Steep Slopes in New Zealand11/07/2012HTN04-07HTN04-07 (837.29 Kb)
Developing a Multi-function Hauler: A Feasbility Study09/12/2011HTN04-04HTN04-04 (199.72 Kb)
Effect of Future Fuel Cost on Harvesting Costs12/10/2011HTN04-05HTN04-05 (1.10 Mb)
Human Factors of Teleoperation in Harvesting01/09/2011HTN04-03HTN04-03 (710.23 Kb)
Matching Rigging Configurations to Harvesting Conditions11/07/2011HTN04-06HTN04-06 (527.32 Kb)
The Potential of LiDAR in New Zealand Forest Engineering01/07/2011HTN04-02HTN04-02 (577.89 Kb)
New Developments in European Yarder Technology01/07/2011HTN04-01HTN04-01 (306.16 Kb)
Rigging Configurations used in New Zealand Cable Logging01/06/2011HTN03-11HTN03-11 (210.73 Kb)
Walking Machines in Forest Operations01/06/2011HTN03-09HTN03-09 (319.18 Kb)
Valmet 445 EXL Self-levelling Feller Buncher01/03/2011HTN03-08HTN03-08 (1.02 Mb)
Crew Best Practice – Costs and Productivity12/01/2011HTN03-07HTN03-07 (428.15 Kb)
Optimising Work Organisation for Maximum Performance12/01/2011HTN03-06HTN03-06 (578.02 Kb)