Harvesting Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
Landing Size and Characteristics20/11/2010HTN03-05HTN03-05 (984.34 Kb)
Fuel Consumption/Efficiency in New Zealand Harvesting Operations20/11/2010HTN03-04HTN03-04 (387.21 Kb)
Using Video Clips for Training – Breaking Out20/11/2010HTN03-03HTN03-03 (624.33 Kb)
A Steep Slope Excavator Feller Buncher20/11/2010HTN03-02HTN03-02 (886.15 Kb)
Performance Data from Wearable Devices01/09/2010HTN02-12HTN02-12 (1.36 Mb)
Using GPS to Monitor Machine Performance01/08/2010HTN03-01HTN03-01 (756.04 Kb)
The Integration of Technology for Productivity Monitoring01/07/2010HTN02-11HTN02-11 (386.12 Kb)
On-Board Monitoring Systems01/01/2010HTN02-10HTN02-10 (242.28 Kb)
Felling and Bunching on Steep Terrain01/01/2009HTN01-07HTN01-07 (790.41 Kb)
Effect of Piece Size on Felling Machine Productivity01/01/2009HTN02-09HTN02-09 (428.54 Kb)
Comparison of Methods for Estimating Harvesting Payload01/01/2009HTN02-08HTN02-08 (223.71 Kb)
A New Method for Bunching Trees on Steep Terrain01/01/2009HTN02-05HTN02-05 (800.96 Kb)
A Method to Estimate Yarding Distance01/01/2009HTN02-04HTN02-04 (253.74 Kb)
Human Factors & Ergonomics Research – Uptake and Evaluation01/01/2009HTN02-03HTN02-03 (351.44 Kb)
Unobtrusive Work Measurement of Tree Felling01/01/2009HTN02-02HTN02-02 (490.08 Kb)
Robotics for Steep Country Tree Felling01/01/2009HTN02-01HTN02-01 (636.42 Kb)
Use of Tension Monitors to Estimate Payload01/01/2009HTN01-08HTN01-08 (783.14 Kb)
Productivity Impacts of Bunching for Hauler Extraction01/01/2009HTN02-07HTN02-07 (904.55 Kb)
Synthetic Rope for Use in Cable Logging – A Review of the Literature01/01/2009HTN01-06HTN01-06 (438.65 Kb)
Predicting Skidder Payload Using Grapple Openness – A Pilot Study01/01/2009HTN01-05HTN01-05 (322.38 Kb)