Our People

Paul Adams

Paul is the Research and Development Director for the national programme of work funded by the Forest Growers Levy and CEO for Forest Growers Research Ltd.  Paul’s role is to provide trans sector leadership on all aspects of forest growing research in New Zealand.

His expertise in forestry science, research and operational management comes from more than 35 years working in the softwood and hardwood industry in both Australia and New Zealand. Prior to joining FGR, he was the Forest Estate Manager at Rayonier Matariki Forests.

Paul is passionate about delivering practical results that lead to improved productivity, value and resilience of New Zealand’s production forests.

Email : paul.adams@fgr.nz

Amanda Brake

Amanda Brake is the Office Manager based at Forest Growers Research office in Rotorua and joined the company in 2022.  She works closely will the Research & Development Manager along with other research programme managers.

With over 25 years of experience in administrative roles across a diverse range of sectors, Amanda enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with the daily operations of an office. As the Office Manager Amanda is responsible for a broad range of responsibilities and the “Go to” person for overall coordination in the team that allows FGR to operate efficiently. From planning numerous meetings and events to financial and administrative management she is adept at wearing many hats. Forestry is a new sector for Amanda and she is enjoying the diversity of the role and the developments in forestry sector.

Email : amanda.brake@fgr.nz

DDI:  +64 7 921 7246

Keith Raymond

Keith Raymond is the Programme Manager of the Automation and Robotics PGP Research Partnership. Keith joined Future Forests Research Ltd in 2008 as Harvesting Theme Leader. His role over the last nine years has involved managing the harvesting research programme and working with industry members.

He also manages the interface between the research providers and the forest industry end-users through research programme workshops, Technical Steering Team meetings and research reviews and reporting.

Email : keith.raymond@fgr.nz

Marco Lausberg

Marco Lausberg is the Programme Manager of the Specialty Wood Products Partnership. His role includes supporting the science leaders to develop annual research work programmes and budgets and securing the approval of these through both the Technical Steering Team (TST) and the Programme Steering Group (PSG). Also reviewing progress against project milestones and communicating research results to investors and stakeholders on a regular basis.

Email : marco.lausberg@fgr.nz

Alison Slade

Alison Slade joined FGR in 2024 in the newly created role of Innovation Manager. This role encompasses a wide range of tasks such as building networks, translating knowledge, and facilitating commercialisation. Alison brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role, having spent 36 years supporting the sector in various capacities including the forest research space.

Alison is also the Programme Manager for the Tissue Culture for 21st Century Forests Programme. In this role she works with the science and technical and industry advisory teams to maximise the opportunity for this programme to create even greater value for the New Zealand commercial forestry industry via somatic embryogenesis.

Email : alison.slade@fgr.nz

Claire Stewart

Claire Stewart is the Programme Manager for the Precision Silviculture Partnership Programme.  Claire joined FGR in June 2023 from Scion where she held a Portfolio Leader position with a focus on digitisation, automation and data in forestry and wood processing. In this role she was closely associated with the PSP programme and led the Nursery Workstream project.

Claire brings significant expertise in digitisation and automation and is excited with the opportunity to work in true partnership with the forestry industry, collaborating to co-design the most effective pathways to drive new innovation.

Email : claire.stewart@fgr.nz

Alison, Amanda, Claire, Keith and Marco are all based at the Forest Growers Research – FOA office in Rotorua.

PF Olsen Building
99 Sala Street
Rotorua 3010
New Zealand

Ph: +64 7 921 1883

General enquiries:  forestgrowersresearch@fgr.nz