Our People

Russell Dale

Russell Dale is the R&D Manager for Forest Owners Association and is responsible for the overall management of Forest Growers Research. His role is to manage all industry-funded research programmes, including both levy-funded programmes and programmes with additional industry funding over and above the levy such as the Steepland Harvesting Primary Growth Partnership Programme and the Specialty Wood Products Partnership.

Russell ensures that there is co-ordination and integration across research programmes and is responsible for managing relationships with investors and research providers.

Mobile:  027 493 8061

DDI:  07 921 7258

Veronica Bennett

Veronica Bennett is an experienced administrator who has worked previously in the forest industry and managed her own small business.  Veronica deals with all membership, website, database, email marketing, accounts and office support.

DDI:  07 921 7246

Keith Raymond

Keith Raymond is the Programme Manager of the Steepland Harvesting PGP Research Partnership. Keith joined Future Forests Research Ltd in 2008 as Harvesting Theme Leader. His role over the last nine years has involved managing the harvesting research programme and working with industry members.

He also manages the interface between the research providers and the forest industry end-users through research programme workshops, Technical Steering Team meetings and research reviews and reporting.

DDI:  07 921 7239

Marco Lausberg

Marco Lausberg is the Programme Manager of the Specialty Wood Products Partnership. His role includes supporting the science leaders to develop annual research work programmes and budgets and securing the approval of these through both the Technical Steering Team (TST) and the Programme Steering Group (PSG). Also reviewing progress against project milestones and communicating research results to investors and stakeholders on a regular basis.

DDI:  07 921 7237

Russell, Veronica, Marco and Keith are all based at the Forest Owners Association – Forest Growers Research office in Rotorua.

PF Olsen Building
99 Sala Street
Rotorua 3010
New Zealand

Ph: +64 7 921 1883

General enquiries:  forestgrowersresearch@fgr.nz