Scion is a New Zealand Crown Research Institute (CRI) that specialises in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood product and wood-derived materials and other biomaterial sectors. Our purpose is to drive innovation and growth from these sectors to build economic value and contribute to beneficial environmental and social outcomes for New Zealand.


Sharing our knowledge of growing trees and their vital contribution to sustainable, profitable land management.

NZ Wood

NZ Wood is a major promotional and development programme for forests and wood.

Biological Control of Weeds Reports

What’s New in Biological Control of Weeds?

Landcare Research produces a newsletter about weeds:  What’s New in Biological Control of Weeds?
(published 4 times a year).

This newsletter is published to keep clients, stakeholders, and research colleagues informed about progress towards developing sustainable biological control solutions for weed problems, and other associated relevant research about invasive weeds.

School of Forestry, Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology

New Zealand’s plantation forests are expected to grow in value over the next 15 years meaning employment opportunities are strong.

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology is the largest tertiary provider in the Bay of Plenty and the third largest institute of technology in New Zealand.

Kauri calculator

The Kauri Calculator has been developed with the assistance of the Sustainable Farming Fund and is available to both FGR members and non-members alike.

Forest Owners Association

The New Zealand Forest Owners Association (FOA) represents the owners of New Zealand’s commercial plantation forests. The association and its members are committed to the highest standards of sustainable silviculture, environmental practice and workforce safety.

Plantation forestry is science-based and highly innovative. It is New Zealand’s third largest export industry and a major regional employer. It is the industry with the greatest potential to transform New Zealand into a carbon-neutral economy where all land-based industries are environmentally sustainable.

Logging-On Newsletter

Logging-on is an independent and unbiased distributer of forestry logging information. Logging-on is not affiliated to any supplier of equipment. It has the aim of getting new and relevant information to the user as quickly as possible. Logging information is often fragmented, in different formats and time consuming to source and then filter out useful information. Logging-on aims to short-cut this and places the useful information at the fingertips of the user. The user can then choose to investigate the information in even more detail if required.

Eastland Wood Council

This section of the Eastland Wood Council’s website includes a library of all the paper the could find on environmental topics as they relate to forestry.  If you know of others please let them know so they may include them.  No attempt has been made to filter out papers that might cast plantation forestry in a poor light.  The intention was to include all material so a complete picture is provided.

This material is available to anyone wishing to research and source material on these topics, following of course the appropriate protocols.

New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative

The New Zealand Dryland Forests Initiative, is a collaborative R&D project that aims to develop genetically improved planting stock and management systems for ground-durable eucalypt species suited to New Zealand’s dryland regions.

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