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Area based Phenotyping platform Prototype Workplan04/12/2016WP017
Tree Level phenotyping extension workplan04/11/2016WP016
Communications Plan: Growing confidence in forestry’s future11/12/2014WP015
Sustainability over multiple rotations_minimizing and mitigating steepland harvest impact – project plan 2014_0527/06/2014WP014
ESK Intra Clonal Variation Variation Workplan27/06/2014WP013
Phenotyping platform Genetics – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP012
Segregation of the current resource – Appendix to project plan 2014_0527/06/2014WP011a
Segregation of the current resource – project plan 2014_0527/06/2014WP011
Phenotyping platform LiDAR – project plan App 1 2014_0327/06/2014WP010a
Phenotyping platform LiDAR – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP010
Doubling radiata pine productivity – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP009
Spatial economic modelling of forest ecosystem services – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP008
Enhanced activity of the soil microbial community – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP007
Engagement Plan 2014_0227/06/2014WP006
Communication Plan 2014_0227/06/2014WP005
Enhancing productivity of older stands – project plan 2014_0527/06/2014WP004
Sustainability over multiple rotations_organic matter removal_Woodhill – task workplan 2014_0327/06/2014WP003
Sustainability over multiple rotations_organic matter removal – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP002
Sustainability of soil, water and biodiversity – project plan 2014_0327/06/2014WP001
Sustainable Intensification (GCFF) Work Plan Index27/06/2014WP000
Plantation Fires (case study, fire behaviour)01/01/1978Woods and Forests SAwoodsforestssa1978 (2.16 Mb)
Fuel moisture changes under radiata pine (fuel moisture)01/10/1982Woodmanwoodman1982 (779.97 Kb)
Fuel properties before and after second thinning in radiata pine (fuel load, fuel treatment, fuel inventory)01/01/1982Woodmanwoodman1982b (761.21 Kb)
Forest fuels in unthinned radiata pine stands (Fuel dynamics, fuel management)01/01/1976Williamswilliams1976 (436.10 Kb)
Fuel properties before and after thinning in young radiata pine plantations (Fuel complex structure, fuel treatment)01/01/1978Williamswilliams1978 (1.00 Mb)
Fuel reduction burning in radiata pine plantations (fuel dynamics, prescribed fire, fire behaviour)01/01/1982Williamswoodmanrawson1982 (795.63 Kb)
Minimising the environmental impact of forest weed management in New Zealand22/06/2015WEEDS TN-004Weeds TN-004 (1.62 Mb)
Weeds: Performance of alternative to current herbicide treatments at 30 months after trial implementation25/06/2016Weeds 03Weeds TN-003 (626.96 Kb)
Weeds: Environmental fate of trebuthylazine and hexazinone: Two New Zealand case studies25/08/2016Weeds 02Weeds TN-002 (719.41 Kb)
Weeds: Priorities for weeds research: A summary of conversations with growers25/06/2016Weeds 01Weeds TN-001 (472.84 Kb)
Estimation of fuel weight and prediction of fire behaviour in slash pine plantations (fuel dynamics, fuel management, prescribed burn)01/01/1989Wattswattsbridges1989 (1.32 Mb)
The Bright Plantation Fire November 1982 (Case study, fire behaviour)01/01/1983Watsonwatson1983 (1.28 Mb)
VH Mulcher Cultivation Trial- Otago Coast Forest01/07/2000V-25-07web_REP-V25-7-2000 (1.40 Mb)
Spot Mounding for Cutover Rehabilitation01/06/2000V-25-06web_REP-V25-6-2000 (1.63 Mb)
Effects of Storage on Fuel Parameters of Piled and Communited Logging Residues01/05/2000V-25-05web_REP-V25-5-2000 (3.41 Mb)
Characteristics of Safety Successful Logging Contractors01/04/2000V-25-04web_REP-V25-4-2000 (1.40 Mb)
Attracting and retaining a Skilled Workforce01/03/2000V-25-03web_REP-V25-3-2000 (1.15 Mb)
Effects of Removing Logging Residue for Bio-Energy on some Potential Available Cutover Nutrients01/02/2000V-25-02web_REP-V25-2-2000 (838.22 Kb)
Skid Site Rehabilitation- Tree Growth Trials Resulting Up to age 701/01/2000V-25-01web_REP-V25-1-2000 (1.33 Mb)
Improving Cable Extraction Efficiency01/01/1999V-24-16web_REP-V24-16-1999 (1.66 Mb)
Evaluation of Pulp Top Piece Extraction in Ground Based Operations01/01/1999V-24-15web_REP-V24-15-1999 (717.31 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Injuries 199814/01/1999V-24-14web_REP-V24-14-1999 (1.26 Mb)
Colour Blindness in the New Zealand Forest Industry24/01/1999V-24-13web_REP-V24-13-1999 (969.34 Kb)
Reading Comprehension levels in the New Zealand Forest Industry24/12/1999V-24-12web_REP-V24-12-1999 (1.68 Mb)
Using Video to Improve Sweep Recognition in Mechanised Processing24/11/1999V-24-11web_REP-24-11-1999 (1.34 Mb)
The Forest Silviculture Accident Report Scheme- Summary of Reports 199825/10/1999V-24-10web_REP-V24-10-1999 (1.15 Mb)
Logging Residue Distribution24/09/1999V-24-09web_REP-V24-9-1999 (1.37 Mb)
Micro-Site Effects on Early Tree Growth24/08/1999V-24-08web_REP-V24-8-1999 (1.01 Mb)
Golden Downs Site Preparation Trial- Growth results After 6 Years24/07/1999V-24-07web_REP-V24-7-1999 (896.49 Kb)
Rehabilitation of Logging Extraction Tracks24/06/1999V-24-06web_REP-V24-6-1999 (1.29 Mb)