Survey: A proposal to develop New Zealand’s alternative timbers industry

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July 14, 2020

Survey: A proposed industry association for alternative (specialty) timbers and small-scale sawmillers

Your help is needed! Please complete our survey!

Forest Growers Research is proposing to establish an industry association for those working in the alternative timbers sector which will  provide leadership, strengthen links in the value chain, attract and train new entrants, upskill existing practitioners, and develop branding and collaborative marketing that will increase the value and sales of alternative timbers.

An industry working group has asked for feedback on a proposal for a new organisation, to represent New Zealand’s specialty timber industry. This would represent those involved in processing, marketing, and using locally grown alternative timbers. The working group is formed from people working in the alternative timber sector, and has been developed with assistance from Forest Growers Research.

The discussion paper, which can be found here, (or pdf below) explains the potential benefits of such an organisation. The organisation will initially focus on small-scale sawmillers, but could eventually extend to timber merchants and end users.

The working group are now looking for feedback on whether to proceed further with this proposal. Please complete our survey!

If enough positive responses are received, the next step will be to set up a steering group to lead the formation of the new association.

For more information, please contact Harriet Palmer at or 021 02532529.

Alternative timbers and small-scale sawmilling_Discussion document (1.00 Mb)