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Forest oversowing and grazing trial series- Progress to June 199729/08/1997SM093SMC_093 (3.30 Mb)
Modelling the growth and interactions of young Radiata Pine with some important weed species29/08/1997 SM092SMC_092 (3.67 Mb)
Effects of N fixation by understorey on nitrogen availability after three years of interspecific competition (1303/29 95/96 Rpt 2)29/08/1997SM088SMC_088 (3.40 Mb)
Guidelines for plantation fire protection (Fire management)01/01/1998FESAfesa (5.64 Mb)
Growth response of maritime pine trees to high intensity prescribed fire(Prescribed burn, fire effects)01/01/1998Botelhobotelho6 (489.47 Kb)
Crown fire thresholds in exotic pine plantations of Australasia – Part I (Fire behaviour, fire management, crown fire)01/01/1998Alexandraalexandra 1 (5.26 Mb)
Crown fire thresholds in exotic pine plantations of Australasia – Part 2 (Fire behaviour, fire management, crown fire)01/01/1998Alexandraalexander1_ii (6.88 Mb)
What is an appropriate level to model branch development for forest management?01/01/1998 SGM075SGM075 (1.76 Mb)
Establishment report for the 1989 silviculture/breed trials01/01/1998SGM071SGM071 (2.85 Mb)
Trial designed to quantify growth and yield gains from genetically improved Radiata Pine- Third revision01/01/1998SGM070SGM070 (3.04 Mb)
“Growth, straightness and branching GFPLUS values foe seedlots in large-block genetic gain trials”01/01/1998SGM069SGM069 (960.93 Kb)
Branching characteristics of Radiata Pine: Number and position of branch clusters within annual shoots01/01/1998SGM066SGM066 (2.73 Mb)
Modelling the position of the branch pith through time01/01/1998 SGM065SGM065 (2.12 Mb)
“Branching characteristics of Radiata Pine in compartment 905, Kaingaroa: Data collection”01/01/1998 SGM063SGM063 (1.25 Mb)
Influence of thinning on branch diameter distributions and branch growth01/01/1998SGM062SGM062 (3.49 Mb)
Modelling branch development in Radiata Pine01/01/1998 SGM061SGM061 (1.42 Mb)
An Alternative Cable System: Self-propelled Carriages01/01/1998 TN-46web_TN-46 (554.92 Kb)
The Use of Motorised Slackpulling and Skycar Carriages in Cable Operations01/01/1998 TN-45web_TN-45 (612.32 Kb)
Boman Mark 3-H Skycar: A Case Study01/01/1998 TN-44web_TN-44 (363.39 Kb)
Steel Bolsters with Aluminium Stanchions01/01/1998 TN-43web_TN-43 (448.75 Kb)
Using a Helicopter to Pull Stawline01/01/1998 TN-42web_TN-42 (549.03 Kb)
Locking Twitch Extension Bar01/01/1998 TN-41web_TN-41 (324.90 Kb)
Landing Residue to Boiler Fuel- Using a Wastepro Hog01/01/1998 TN-40web_TN-40 (584.13 Kb)
Auto-Tensioning Load Restraints01/01/1998 TN-39web_TN-39 (334.81 Kb)
Improving Worker Sustainability with a Forest Harness01/01/1998 TN-38web_TN-38 (337.03 Kb)
Retention of Biomass on the Cutover- Effect of Delimbing Location01/01/1998 TN-36web_TN-36 (337.10 Kb)
Wider Tyres Reduce Logging Costs01/01/1998 TN-35web_TN-35 (351.16 Kb)
Loggers Assessments of Risk in Their Work01/01/1998 V-15-01web_REP-V15-1-1998 (2.30 Mb)
Repetitive Motion Injuries in the Forest Industry: A Real Pain in the Neck, Arms, Wrist01/01/1998V-23-19web_REP-V23-19-1998 (1.16 Mb)
The Impact of Shift Length on Operator Fatigue01/01/1998V-23-18web_REP-V23-18-1998 (1.76 Mb)
Mental Workload of Mechanised Processing with a Single Grip Harvester01/01/1998V-23-17web_REP-V23-17-1998 (1.19 Mb)
Log Maker Performance with Electronic Calipers01/01/1998V-23-16web_REP-V23-16-1998 (1002.56 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Injuries- 199701/01/1998V-23-15web_REP-V23-15-1998 (1.58 Mb)
Cable Extraction of Pulp: Effect of Minimum Extracted Piece Size on Productivity01/01/1998V-23-14web_REP-V23-14-1998 (812.99 Kb)
An Analysis of Chainsaw Lacerations to the Leg in the New Zealand Logging Industry- 1983 to 199601/01/1998V-23-13web_REP-V23-13-1998 (1.36 Mb)
Role Conflict and Ambiguity in the Logging Industry- A Pilot Study01/01/1998V-23-12web_REP-V23-12-1998 (1.19 Mb)
Log Making From a Cab- Improving Operator Performance01/01/1998V-23-11web_REP-V23-11-1998 (1.09 Mb)
Woody Debris in Pumice Bed Streams- How Long Does it Last and its Use by Aquatic Insects01/01/1998V-23-10web_REP-V23-10-1998 (799.84 Kb)
Clamping Carriages and Skyline Tensions01/01/1998V-23-09web_REP-V23-9-1998 (687.73 Kb)
Two Staging to Super-Skids with Bell Off-Highway Trucks01/01/1998V-23-08web_REP-V23-8-1998 (1.18 Mb)
Lost Time Injuries in Forest Silviculture- 199701/01/1998V-23-07web_REP-V23-7-1998 (1.17 Mb)
Small and Medium Scale Austrian Cable Hauler Equipment01/01/1998V-23-06web_REP-V23-6-1998 (1.34 Mb)
Tractor Mobile Anchoring Methods01/01/1998V-23-05web_REP-V23-5-1998 (1.04 Mb)
Excavator Mobile Anchoring Methods01/01/1998V-23-04web_REP-V23-4-1998 (899.68 Kb)
Winter Worries: Hypothermia and Cold Injuries01/01/1998V-23-03web_REP-V23-3-1998 (645.43 Kb)
Psycho-Physiological Assessment of Thinning to Waste Operations01/01/1998V-23-02web_REP-V23-2-1998 (1.35 Mb)
Bellis BE60 Slackline Hauler01/01/1998V-23-01web_REP-V23-1-1998 (480.84 Kb)
Nodal Swelling as an Indicator of Knot Size01/01/1998PR77PR 77 (870.69 Kb)
Physical Damage to Logs01/01/1998PR76PR 76 (5.29 Mb)
Log Tagging Systems01/01/1998PR75PR 75 (1.84 Mb)