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A Differential Contractor Payment System01/01/1998PR74PR 74 (1.34 Mb)
Slips and Sedimentation in Mature Plantation Forest and Pastoral Hill Country – Hawkes Bay01/01/1998PR73PR 73 (5.29 Mb)
A Study of the Psychological Climate of the Logging Industry01/01/1998PR72PR 72 (5.60 Mb)
Harvesting Practices – Effects on Woody Debris in Streams and Channel Bank Disturbance01/01/1998PR71PR 71 (5.93 Mb)
Factors Affecting Logmaking from the Cab: A Study of Mechanised Logmakers01/01/1998PR70PR 70 (8.48 Mb)
Polytechnic Forestry Students (1989-1998) – Their Workforce Experience01/01/1998PR69PR 69 (4.61 Mb)
Forestry Sector University Degrees: Their Impact on Graduate Employment (1994-1998)01/01/1998PR68PR 68 (11.01 Mb)
Erosion and Revegetation of Haul Paths in Cable Logged Settings – North Island, New Zealand01/01/1998PR67PR 67 (4.52 Mb)
Effect of Fluid Intake on the Physical and Mental Performance of Forest Workers01/01/1998PR66PR 66 (5.22 Mb)
Effects of pruning on improved Radiata Pine breeds- trial establishment report11/02/1998PM006AREP06A (1.17 Mb)
Effects of pruning on improved Radiata Pine breeds- trial establishment report11/02/1998PM006REP06 (1.12 Mb)
Predicting green crown length in Radiata Pine11/05/1998PM051REP51 (1.42 Mb)
The effect of final crop stocking on growth across a range of sites11/05/1998PM050REP50 (778.41 Kb)
“Comparison of taper, volume and bark thickness of 26-year-old seedlings and cuttings from Mamaku Forest”11/05/1998PM049REP49 (2.14 Mb)
Effects of boron deficiency on the root anchorage and incidence of resin pockets in Pinus radiata11/05/1998PM048REP48 (1.30 Mb)
The effects of a Wairarapa shelterbelt on agricultural parameters11/05/1998PM047REP47 (1.41 Mb)
Towards a general stem and taper equation11/05/1998PM046REP46 (1.76 Mb)
Prediction of final stem sinuosity in pruned logs from juvenile stem sinuosity measurements11/05/1998PM045REP45 (2.69 Mb)
Toppling trial establishment report: Evaluation of severe lateral nursery root trimming and contracting genetic improvement- Establishment report11/05/1998PM044REP44 (7.27 Mb)
Crown lightening trials – Installation report11/05/1998PM043REP43 (6.46 Mb)
Prediction of individual log internode index from estimated stand mean internode length11/05/1998PM042REP42 (2.81 Mb)
Britain and France DF forestry study tour 199701/06/1998DF025DF025 (2.71 Mb)
Towards the development of a nitrogen decision support system for Radiata Pine29/08/1998 SM103SMC_103 (1.07 Mb)
“The Riverhead Forestry soil disturbance and amelioration trial: Trial establishment, Tree growth to age 1 year and priezometer study”29/08/1998 SM101SMC_101 (5.37 Mb)
Phosphorus deficiency in second rotation pines at Riverhead Forest: The museum plots revisited- Part 1: The re establishment phase29/08/1998 SM100SMC_100 (648.84 Kb)
Site preparation trial revival a status report29/08/1998SM099SMC_099 (892.53 Kb)
“Whole tree thinning trial series (AK1053/1, RO 2093 and WN379): Results to five years after treatment”29/08/1998SM098SMC_098 (2.86 Mb)
Legumes of improving soil nitrogen status in Canterbury dry land forests29/08/1998 SM097SMC_097 (1.65 Mb)
Defining the optimal area and duration of weed control at Tokoiti Forest- Results after three years29/08/1998SM096SMC_096 (1.98 Mb)
Modelling Pinus pinaster tree damage induced by upslope wind driven prescribed fires in northern Portugal (Prescribed burn, fire effects)01/10/1998Botelhobotelho5 (1.69 Mb)
A national growth model for radiata pine shelterbelts11/11/1998PM059PM059 (18.47 Mb)
An assessment of stand and tree quality at low pruning comparing aged cuttings with seedlings11/11/1998PM055REP55 (1.76 Mb)
An evaluation of poplar on New Zealand hill country11/11/1998PM054REP54 (7.34 Mb)
“Assessment of roots- Ngaruawahia, Waihi and Fielding toppling trials”11/11/1998PM053REP53 (10.98 Mb)
Waihi toppling trial – Assessment of roots following severe toppling11/11/1998PM052REP52 (3.61 Mb)
Genetic gain multipliers: Utility and efficiency01/01/1999SGM078SGM078 (1.47 Mb)
A guide to using the individual-tree growth model01/01/1999 SGM077SGM077 (2.75 Mb)
Azimuth angle of the largest branch in the cluster01/01/1999SGM074SGM074 (3.12 Mb)
Branch diameter growth in compartment 905 (Kaingaroa) and Taringatura (Southland)01/01/1999SGM072SGM072 (1.87 Mb)
Aztec’s Safer Strategy for Log Truck Transport01/01/1999 TN-52web_TN-52 (278.31 Kb)
Drag Builder Optimises Payloads01/01/1999 TN-51web_TN-51 (178.43 Kb)
ROTREE Spot Cultivator- New Zealand Update01/01/1999 TN-50web_TN-50 (534.14 Kb)
Air Curtain Destructor- Log Yard Incineration Trial01/01/1999 TN-49web_TN-49 (306.98 Kb)
Tyre Regrooving01/01/1999 TN-48web_TN-48 (528.33 Kb)
Truckbase Log Monitoring System01/01/1999 TN-47web_TN-47 (330.74 Kb)
Improving Cable Extraction Efficiency01/01/1999V-24-16web_REP-V24-16-1999 (1.66 Mb)
Evaluation of Pulp Top Piece Extraction in Ground Based Operations01/01/1999V-24-15web_REP-V24-15-1999 (717.31 Kb)
Sleep Loss- A Deadly Issue01/01/1999V-24-03web_REP-V24-3-1999 (926.42 Kb)
Forest Workers and the Sun: Forestry’s Burning Problem01/01/1999V-24-02web_REP-V24-2-1999 (917.53 Kb)
Back to Basics: Better ways to Manage Your Back to Reduce Injury01/01/1999V-24-01web_REP-V24-1-1999 (1.16 Mb)